Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Life of the Monaga Blogger

After a beautiful restful sleep I was awaken by the most stunning young man who had been giving me the most sensual blow job. After he had drawn my bath, he and the other young men who live with me cleaned up my room. I was then served fresh fruit for breakfast, given a light massage and then asked who I would like to have sex with that morning.

It was very difficult decision. They are all so beautifully passionate. I had my eye on the new member of the Monaga harem, Hiram. Hiram found his way to the harem by way of another former Monaga Man. After choosing Hiram, I then had to spend several minutes comforting those I had not chosen. As much as I tell them that I love them all equally, it seems unless they have sex with me in the morning they do not feel as if they are special. I constantly go on about how sex first thing in the morning is the most important thing I do all day.

Ater sex with Hiram, he gave me a massage on my expansive terrace overlooking the Caribbean ocean. He then gave me a shave and presented me with the schedule for the day. We then planned our meal for the evening and then my personal trainer, Henesis, came over. Henesis and I don't workout in the "literal" sense, but he comes over 4 times a week to teach me some new things. He is 6 ft. 4 inches and in the most remarkable shape.

As I was having guests that evening for dinner, we decided to drive out to the campo (country) where we could pick up the freshest meats and vegetables. While there, we stumble onto a little river, where many men from the nearby factory had come to wash and soothe themselves. As I laid on a rock overlooking the scene, one of the men in my harem prepared my lunch and peeled me some grapes.

As most of the men were just off of work we offered them some refreshments. We all sat there drinking Presidente's and Cuba Libres, and they became quite intoxicated. Though I was having a small dinner party that evening, I didn't want to leave as I could see this was about to get interesting. I sent one of the Monaga Men ahead with the food to be prepared by longtime trusty maid, Candaleria.

After frolicking with the beautiful, now naked, men at the river, I decided I had had enough and had my sercurity fetch my car. On the way back I had sex again with 3 guys in the back of my jeep. By the time I got home I was exhausted. I had Hiram prepare me some tea, then I decided to take a nap before the festivities. I was gently awakened and made my way to the kitchen to check on dinner. Things were going swimmingly, so I retired again to my quarters to have a facial, and a reflexology massage. I then got dressed in my white linen caftan (in the style of Louise ¨Weezy" Jefferson) and some sensible, elegant loafers, to get ready to greet my guests. As I entered the room those who had gathered began to applaud. I was quite embarrassed, but then I understood. They all wish they had a harem of beautiful men, too. I then went around and greeted all my guests individually, as they showered me gifts.

After dinner, we retired to my expansive terrace where we enjoyed a drink before I told everyone I must change again for my night out. As the guests started to leave more than one commented how charmed my life is. I had to agree. Who else has absolutely no cares in the world? I know I don´t!

After another quick clothing change, this time a different caftan which I wore my catsuit underneath, we headed out the door and got in the car. There was a caravan of 10 other cars following us, and as we went from place to place the same things happened, applause when I entered.

After a night of champagne, dance and all the great energy I decided it was time to retire. Then it was on to my home where the last thing I remember was being in the middle of an orgy with about 15 handsome Dominican men. The next thing I remember I was being awakened again with the most sensual blow job...

NOTE: The above story is total and complete fiction. It was written for all those who think living here is just peaches and cream and SEX! Hope you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, Nice blog entry. Now like you said only if it were really all peaches and cream. But it does still remain the Island of Milk and Honey.
I hope you are off to a good start with your new business venture. And as always you have my full support. My prayers are with you and I hope all work's out well for you.
As for me I will see you next month for some R&R of my own. And between now and then I will think of the dream you just had and then wake up here in Boston freezing my A** off.
Much Love to Ya, Scott~

Anonymous said...

I always thought of the island as the land of pinga and milk but milk and honey sounds good too!! While I know your story was fiction, I know it is only slight exaggerated. I can't wait until my March return.

Anonymous said...

Honey! I was caught up all in your fictional adventures. You go boyee! And to make it more "real" I do know a fine Dominican down there named "Hiram"....I throughly enjoyed this fictional piece.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully satirical.

Anonymous said...

I can't make it on March due to my job. But I will be there soon, either in April or May. Anthony, although I won't be staying the Monaga Castle, I will be dropping by to giving you my personal thanks for all the hard work you put in with had a good impact in my life. Santo Domingo is the best place I visited. I've been to Rio, Spain, Morrocco, Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Rico, California, Florida. Santo Domingo has the best and easiest dick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

I wish life was that beautiful. I have never been woken up in the morning by a nice wet blow job. Sounds like a wonderful way to meet the day. See you in a week.



Anonymous said...

As usual Anthony, BRAVO!!!!! You get a standing ovation from me. My friend and I look forward to seeing you in March for our well deserved time of Rest and Relaxation. Look for an invitation for dinner in our place.

Love Ya!!!
DC and MEM

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! You had me going for a while there, and what a wonderful story. You can call this chapter in your book "Wet Dreams".

Anonymous said...

Im steve..just discovered your blog. A friend told me about your establishment in the capital.I have been going to cabarete for two years now on a monthly basis. You guessed it this college grad tough as nails new yorker fell in love and lost his mind.I even purchased property for my beloved and I. unfortunely your poigniant information about the "game" came to me too late. Im not bitter it could have been worse..I walked away..I own the apartment, and the only thing I lost was my innocent naive need to believe and love. Thats life. Im still in love With the island and look foward to visiting the capital.(with my New York guard up). Do you know of any gay bars in the Puertoplata, sosua, or cabarete area? blessings to all..