Monday, February 13, 2006

Ain´t No Place I´d Rather Be!

Okay, yesterday it was overcast and drizzly. Today is kind´ve humid and overcast, BUT, ain´t no place I´d rather be than here in the good ole tropics. I hope everybody affected by the storm made it through okay. Remember, the airlines are having a sale and you can get some cheap flights. Just think, maybe you will be here for the next snow storm and have to stay an extra couple of days.


Anonymous said...

ok...rub it in.....but if I had a nice Dominican guy snowed in with me then that might be another story.

Anonymous said...

25 days and counting, Anthony

Nena said...

a record breaking storm in nYc...i went and spent $10 on mega millions~~~~damn IT!!!and my prayers were NOT answered :-(