Monday, March 06, 2006


I downloaded some photos for those who couldn't make this year's Dominican Island Heat. I'm using a Mac laptop, and it has been a while since I have used a Mac. I couldn't figure out how to turn the pictures around, but I promise to fix everything tomorrow and then have some commentary to go along with the pictures. I have many more pictures and I will fix things up and upload them. Promise!

Until then, enjoy these photos.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, where are the Americans?

sorry I could not make it this year

Simbul said...

Not meant to be argumentative, but who cares about our fellow Americans. We will see them at many of our own prides. Bring on the Dominicanos!! Hey Anthony, expect me around May!! I'll be back, and thanks for the great pics!!!

the Allen gallery said...

Nice shots Anthony.

Also, if you're on a mac setting the photos should be easy. If it's OS X, use Iphoto to import the pics directly from the camera. Once imported, select "photos" from your menu bar and choose the photo rotation option (rcc/rc). You can select as many pix as you want (hold down the command/apple key as you select) to speed things up.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony. I can hardly wait to hear what DIH2 was like. I could not be there, but would love to have you share the experience with us. Looking forward to that blog!
I will see you sometime around the end of May beginning of June.

Mario Sessions said...

Wassup Anthony im loving the pics I have one Question.. Why dont you smile in your pics?

Da Jardin said...

A mutual friend of ours...hits the DR twice a year...and has encouraged me to come...but I've been reluctant...but after seeing your blog...I'm making plans for MAY!

You sure know how to promote a country and tickle the senses for some fun in the sun!

Anonymous said...

Who is the cute guy holding up the blue beer bottle? He is definitely a hottie!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I am accustomed to twisting my neck into odd positions and angles. I would have hated to have missed some of that great picturesl!!!!

Nena said...

Sup Anthony,
Damn Cuzzzz, my flat screen won't be the same anymore...I tried to climb into it.....! LOL
Wow, what did I miss..U go Boy!

Nena Nuyorican~

Anonymous said...

mas photos, por favor

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, thanks, hope you can update your photo gallery with these new ones. From Panama, I'm enjoing very much your blog since I discovered it as if I were there, thanks for your efforts to keep us informed and exited. Hope to visit in the near future.
Best regards