Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's Happening

Hola Blogsters,

It has been awhile since I've laid my Monaga wisdom upon you. This is going to be a hodgepodge of stuff. So, here goes:

First, I'm not fixing the photos, it is just too much work and I have so many things to do. I will learn for the next time, I promise.

DIH2 was great and it was nice seeing so many people come together. One of the best things about this year's event was that there were many more Dominicans participating than last year. There was even commercials on television and radio. Kenny and Laurence are now taking a well-deserved break. I plan on bringing you something with Kenny and Laurence soon.

One of the highlights for me this past weekend was meeting many Dominicans who enjoy the blog. One particular person sticks out is Joel Luna. He approached me in front of the CODIA mansion and really made my spirits feel good. It is great when I hear from others, but I'm really interested in what Dominicans think of the blog, as I don't want to be disrespectful of their country or culture. Thanks again, Joel. Now where is the email you were supposed to send me.

The other great thing about this past weekend is that I got a chance to see some Dominicans I don't see very often. People like Juan Rojas, who owns a modeling agency here. Fernando, who is one of the promoters of Escandalo Nights in NYC, and a great supporter of Monaga, was also here. Also, Brenda "Revlon" Unforgettable decided to grace us with her presence. Her first words to me were, "I know that I'm back in my country, because I had to get dressed in the dark." She and her family are building a house here and don't have back-up power yet. But, you know my old adage when it comes to the Dominican Republic, ADAPT OR DIE!

All the venues were packed and ARENA even painted and had a new sound system for the Black and White Party. Unfortunately, they only rented the system and it was gone the next evening and the sound was back to being horrible. I just don't understand how a nice club like that can offer a really sub-standard sound system. But kudos to Kelvin. He really worked hard to make the club nice for the party. To the ARENA bosses if you're reading this, GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE!

As one party clears out, another party gets ready to start. Mario Sessions is bringing his crew down this week for his annual birthday celebration. People have already started arriving today. You can go to for more information.

Here is something I wanted to bring to your attention. Vicki, co-owner of the Sports Bar, was in Paco's Restaurant last week with some friends. It was maybe 4 or 5am and the place was packed. One person in Vicki's party kissed her boyfriend on the cheek and it caused a controversy as they were told they couldn't be served. Vicki then told other Americans who were in the restaurant about the incident and they all decided to get up and leave. I have spoken with several people there at the time who confirm the incident. Now, I have been at Paco's at times of the day and night, and I have never personally witnessed any kind of discrimination like that. I think we all need to be on the lookout for any kind of shade, as gay people and gay Americans in particular spend a lot of money there. I will keep you posted.

In May 2006, it will be the 5 years since I started Monaga. One thing that I have been thinking about is how to celebrate. Yes, I want to give a party, but I would also like to do something else. Then the idea popped into my head about having the Monaga Blog Awards. Just something funny to do here on the blog. We can have categories like best bar, most talented buggaron, best restaurant, etc. It is just a thought. I am looking for some categories and I know my dedicated readers will give me some good suggestions. Just remember, I HAVE THE LAST WORD ON THE WINNERS. Though I will be accepting bribes. Maybe we can give away some prizes, have a buggaron auction. Who knows.

I have tried two Dominican remedies for what ails you to be very helpful. Disclaimer: I am in know way saying that this will cure anything. Just saying that it did wonders for me and I think it might be helpful for others. When you have a cold (gripe, pronounced gri-pay) you should try some straight Dominican (or it could be any premium rum) rum with lime. If you have a sinus cold it really helps. If you have an upset stomach, or a little hangover, what you might be given (that works miracles) is club soda, salt and lime. Try them all in equal parts. Now if you don't drink, sorry. Just skip this paragraph.

Lastly, if you need airport transfers, check out Gerardo de la Rosa. Go to for more information.

Until next time, enjoy the blog!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog and wait for your updates!

I see you've written several entries on the theme of boogie boys and crime. Can you post anything on crime in general in Santo Domingo? From what i'm reading on DR1 and the news headlines from DR, it almost seems like it's kinda out of control. I'm seeing several incidents where police officers were shot/killed.

Is it getting that bad? Do you personally take more precautions now than you did say, a year ago? What about the tourists you entertain and show around? Any escalation in assaults/problems/robberies?

Thanks, and keep posting.

Monaga said...

I still feel pretty safe here in Santo Domingo. I always take precautions and have been very careful. There has not, at least to my knowledge, been an escalation of buggarones stealing. If you give them an opportunity, they will take something. Pure and simple. I think many tourists have problems because there might be something to impair their judgement, namely alcohol (or some other stimulants.

But no, I think crime in certain areas has gotten bad, but I still feel much safer here than I did back in the States.

Hope that answered your question.

Paul said...

Hello Anthony,

I have a few categories:

1) Most buggaron activity in one night by a foreigner.

2) Most scandelous rumor.

3) Quickest coversion. Meaning how quickly someone goes from "Oh I never pay for sex" to "Where is the nearest ATM I have run out of buggaron money"

Give me time, I will think of more. :)

Eddie said...

I nominate my husband, Samuel, for writing Bugarron 101 and being the President of the Bugarron University and who is so good that he's managed to become a kept man for 5 years and (presumably) doesn't have to hustle anymore.

(The best read is looking in the mirror and reading yourself!)


Mario Sessions said...

Anthony thanks for the shout out about the Birthday Event! Im on my way. also thanks for the little advice you gave me today I just had to let go and let God. see you in a few hours

Anonymous said...

How about these categories:

"The Most Obnoxious Ex-Pat in Santo Domingo?"

"Best Bugarrone Booty?"

"Longest lasting bugarrone in bed?"

"Most Honest Bugarrone in the DR?"

Monaga said...

I like, I like. Keep 'em coming!

Nena said...

1. El sexiest papi chulo
2. Papi mas agradable
3. La mayor parte todos alrededor de papi (most all round papi).
4. La pareja más afectuosa (most affectionate couple)
I could of included some "x" rated categories but I'll leave some categories for the other bloggers.
Nena Nuyorican

Nena said...

I'm hoping to make it down for your "milestone" celebration of MONAGA INC. I'm also waiting to see the info about Brazil 2006, as I going to take 4 weeks off (aug-sept 2006) from work for my the DR and Brazil(if that is happening this year)
I've called you several times in the evenings...I know u been quite busy with DIH2. Will try again after the March 11 gathering.
Enjoy and Regards!
La Nena Nuyorican~

Mario Sessions said...

Anthony im now in fll airport w/(5)guys and the other crew is located im miami w/(10)guys as i type this note see you in 3 hrs.

Anonymous said...

Here is another recommendation for awards---DR's best french kissing papi!

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of public displays of affection. Giving a guy a kiss on the cheek in a gay bar is one thing but doing it in public in a very religious spanish country is another thing. I wish some gays would get it through their head that they just cannot throw our lifestyle in peoples faces especially when you are in a foreign country and do not know what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable behavior. Save your affections and love making for your hotel room or bedroom. It doesn't need to be publicly displayed at the most popular outdoor cafe in Santo Domingo where 3 million people can watch. That's my 2 cents worth!

Anonymous said...

In 2006 even Gays/lesbians can't agree on displays of affection in public but yet when heteros display deep passionate kissing, bumping and grinding in public..."it's so cute"!
I'm not for making oneself an exhibitionist but a mere sign of affection in good taste to a lover or good friend should be respected. Italians and Russian str8 men do it all the time a kiss on the cheek (and some are probably closeted)If we can't agree and support one another on our rights how can we expect the straight society to understand us if we can understand each other in the gay/alternative life style. Maybe 2200 we might be equal citizens world wide?
Just my 10cent for the nite.

Anonymous said...

a step by step from m. sessions on the blog, use the damn phone and call him.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Some great ideas for awards! How about this one:

The Biggest BITCH in Santo Domingo?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it just 3 or 4 months ago that Anthony wrote a blog entry about some one who was staying at the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial Hotel and has bugarrones waiting in the lobby for him? Didn't Anthony ask us to remember we are in a foreign country with diverse cultures and for us to behave ourselves and if we see someone behaving badly to bitch slap them? Or something to that effect? Why now is he saying it is ok for two men to kiss in Pacos? I agree with the other person who posted saying that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Last poster, slow down. Anthony related the story in the 3rd person and didn't take a stance. The discrimination he is telling us to watch out can come from being Black, white, too fat, too skinny, or just being gay. He did say give him time to find out more, so give the man time.

For the other poster: It is not our place to try and force our ways on another culture and then up and leave. If u dislike their values, simply stay home. The USA has enough causes for you to direct your activism.

Monaga said...

Okay, for the Paco's story, let me give you a little more background.

At 4am Paco's is a place where prostitutes, buggarones, drug addicts and other people of the night congregate to see what is going on and have a little something to eat. During the time of this incident the place was 80% filled with gay people.

I am in no way saying that it is appropiate to sit there and kiss and makeout with a reckless disregard for everyone else around you. But, that is not what happened. He stroked his hair, gave him a kiss on the cheek and that was it.

My concern was since I have seen behavior from both gay and straight at Paco's that has been MUCH worse, why was this such a big deal. Also, what was wrong with saying, please, we don't like that kind of behavior here and then move on. The problem is that they didn't want to serve them.

I am in no way condoning the behavior, but it wasn't done at the Sofitel, but at a place where many gay people congregate, and I don't think it was that egregious.

In closing, I'm still saying that you want to be mindful of your surroundings and respectful of the country and the people. But at Paco's at 4am in the morning there are many things going on that may be deemed questionable. If you are going to criminalize one act, then ALL should be criminalized.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the comments and please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony; I love your idea for a 5the Anniversary celebration for Monaga. You've done a lot of great things for many people (me included). Some of the contest ideas are great (and some just bitchy).

Just wondering if there's any way you could add some sort of a fundraiser for Casa Rosada or some other worthy Dominican organization - perhaps through an existing US 501-c-3 charity with Dominican ties. That way, we Amaericans could get tax deductions for our donations. (Do any of your readers know of such a 501-c-3?)

I can see it now - "The Monaga Fifth Anniversity Charity Benefit for Dominican AIDS Orphans." People donating over a certain amount could receive a small memento gift - perhaps an autographed photo of Gerardo!

Just a thought......See you in May/June.....George

Monaga said...

George, I think that would be a great idea. I will see if someting like that can be done.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

The american $ is power. To bad so many gays don't care how "gay" tourists are treated as long as they get the "trade" or until it happens to them.

Anonymous said...

The person that kissed her boyfriend was a transexual who looks like a woman, who dresses like a woman, who talks like a woman and if you saw her you would not know any different. So if you did not know, you would not know. There was NO disrespect given or meant for Paco's. Paco's gets thousands of dollars of GAY DOLLARS, so why should they deny service to any gay person. As Anthony said, it was 4am in the morning, what "holyer than thou" would be out at that time to see two men kissing, even though that was not the actual view. Respect begets respect. That kiss was not meant to disrespect anyone, especially the patrons of Paco's which was 80% gay and made no difference to them. If the gays were offened, it was probably because they thought it was a pair of breeders kissing instead of two men. The fact is Paco's makes a living off of gay people all day and night long and to have them to refuse service is a "shame on you" moment for them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paco's has nothing but tricks morning, afternoon, evening, late night sitting and cruising...and the whores all the time trying to pick up a Paco's needs to get real. When the gay community goes to paco's they should mention that they did not appreciate it...why? why not!
scurrred? grow UP and stand UP be counted for a change even though you are a tourist, you can tell management that you will pass the word on them, if might do something and it might not..what if it did something positive..what if?remember we go to that country and give respect so respect us for being supportive, spending, tipping because the food isn't all that anyways.
Be part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

To the All CAPS Queen with comments one and two up from the bottom, or I guess with my comments, 2 and 3 up from bottom. NO ONE was loud and out of order in Paco's, you are reading into this situation your side of the coin, WHICH IS NOT TRUE, because you are making it up as you go. So shut the fuck up and lets be supportive of our gay brothers and sistas and stop generalizing. Or better yet, you probably have been at Paco's at 4am, Loud, Boisterous, obnoxious and kissing on some man and you have a nerve to talk. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

PS: And Miss ALL CAPS Queen, you were probably DRUNK as well.

calvin said...

First off I want to say that the DIH2 was very very nice. A lot of work and money went into that 5 days of events. A lot of you do not know how much it takes to get spaces and personnel to work to make these events a success. First off to all of you naysayers that are NOT AWARE, you are IN a different country. third world at that, not disneyland or great adventure. It is not the U.S. Business is done a litle differntly there than here. Contracts that are negotiated are usually altered afterwards as the people know that you have to take it or leave it because you are in another country and the U.S. courts have no jurisdiction as far as business. dih and Mario Sessions are both fairly new events and both have their own issues, but what event that caters to large groups of people don't? I have yet to see a circuit party here in the states with a 4 dollar entry fee. as for the peoplepbashing both events, STOP! that is the problem with gay black men. always drama and controversy. LIKE ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE, you get back what you put in If you went to have a good time ou most certainly did and if you went looking to find fault you most certainly did. Both events were nice and reading this blog and all the bull and sissy shit is one of the reasons why i stayed my ass most of the time on the other side of the city in my apartment with my boyfriend because of silly faggot shit. It's time to grow up and set examples, not tear each other down with negative, silly, sissy shit, of no value to no one, other than to satisfy the haters who usually have nothing going on anyway. when you go to d.c. or n.y. or la for pride events you pay the door price or go home, take what they give you and dea with it. you all are missing the big picture here.