Thursday, June 15, 2006


It has been one year since I started the blog. It has been really interesting. When I started this blog it was just a way for me to basically have a diary that my friends would checkout to see how I was doing. It has since evolved into something people love or hate. Sort of like the way people feel about Star Jones.

I am proud of most of the entries I have written, and even the feuds I have had. As my mother used to say this (meaning her household rules) is not a democracy. What she said was law. I feel the same way about the blog. It is not fair, but hey, life ain't fair either.

I got a really interesting email from someone who told me how he had been following the blog since its inception and that he thought it had lost its steam. He liked it much more when there is a lot of drama. Basically, if the blog is not going to keep shit stirred up, he thought it was time for me to close it down. He thought it was beneath me and my talents to keep it up. I wrote back with one sentence. Why do you keep reading it if it is boring? No response.

It is really funny how things have changed. Even good friends of mine now preface comments with, "now I don't want to read about this on the blog, but ... ." For those that think I write too much, you should hear all the things that I DON'T write about. That would really curl your hair.

Before I would write about little things that happened, little gossips that were going around. I have since stopped. Because even if I write about it with the pure intentions, it somehow (through some comments and such) gets turned around and taken in a different direction. I can't really write things I want to because when I do EVERYONE thinks that I'm talking about them and their particular situation. Can't win for losing.

There are several items that I would like to comment on, but I won't. If I step away from the computer for several hours when I right about "controversial" topics, there are 30 comments when I get back. I have learned my lesson.

The name was registered on May 24, 2001. Very nice date and I don't I have thought about it since. Then my site went down. After checking my credit card, I saw that the hosting bill was paid. I then sent a very stern email to my new hosting company wanting to know what the fuck the problem was (but much nicer). Well, it seems that my domain name expired on May 24, 2006. As my first web designer registered the name for me and I can't find him (if anyone knows Laheem Jordan, tell him to call me), I now have to jump through hoops to get my site registered again, because I am not Laheem Jordan. Lesson, don't let anyone register your website for you, do it yourself!!!!!!

One more thing, I got a great email from another client who was fighting with Avis rental cars. He was here in February, for DIH2, and rented a car with no problem. When he got back to the States he noticed an extra charge on his credit card. Now, I have heard of others having problems with other rental companies. But what I'm talking about has nothing to do with rental cars in particular, but any company that is franchised with headquarters in the U.S. Anytime you have a problem and you complain about it when you get back home, they tell you that they have no control over that office, because it is independently owned and operated. In a word, that is BULLSHIT. If that were the case you could open a McDonald's and design the interior the way you want, or make any kind of sandwhich. Long story short, you have to fight and write many emails and letters about what is going on. If you are in the right and persistent you will prevail. Those that follow the blog will remember the problem some travellers had when staying at the Clarion Hotel. The same corporate bullshit was spewed that they had no control, yada, yada, yada. Well, they did have control and finally got their shit together. I guess I said all this to say, don't take any shit.

Byron has finally updated his blog. Go check it out.

Today was a holiday here, Corpus Christi. Most stores are closed and many people are celebrating a special mass with the Cardinal.


Simbul said...

Hey Anthony. Some comments from me. I think you are losing the true intent of blogs. Blogs are about a person writing to share their thoughts with others. No matter the content, the thoughts are the bloggers and he writes for himself/herself first. All that person is doing is SHARING their thoughts. When you start allowing the opinions/comments of others to dictate how you share those thoughts, it is no longer a blog but a simple forum. You may say this is a critique and maybe it is. BUT, I loved it when you simply SHARED your thoughts. It didn't matter if I agree or not. The blog allowed me to experience things through you. If you start censoring yourself, it shuts off what you can share with us.

BE YOU and hope to see ya on my next visit. Peace, bro.

Anonymous said...

And you are still reading this blog hmmmmmm start your own SHIT starter blog. Anthony lives in that country, we don't. Someone has to keep the peace.

Anonymous said...

Not all blogs are alike. Some are all me, me, me, others are forums, advertising vehicles, and dollar producing spectacles. Blogs- like people- evolve, and change.

While I personally also preferred the tidbits and gossip, I understand how this blog may evolve in to something new. Perhaps better, perhaps not. But, i'll continue to read this blog because it's one of the best links to parts of the gay dominican and expat life that exists. (Where else will you learn about scabies and colmados and the sleaze bag buggies who rob and steal and those that really give you what you pay for?)

I also think that no matter what anthony writes about, some new thread will be created in the comments and the fireworks will begin.

Many blogs i come across seem edited to give a particular view of the blogger; like standing in front of the camera at your best angle. Anthony seems to put it out there, blemishes and all. That, to me, is refreshing.. and keeps me coming back.

A NON HATER said...

Star Jones, as I posted some time ago YOU should replace on The View. Congratulations, a year goes by very quickly yet it should not make you soft. Because of you I have taken on the guilty pleasure of the blog. I use to think of them as some self indulgent ramblings of some self indulgent... but I have come full circle and now I love them! I am almost thinking of starting one my very own self. So try to get back your original passion and be self indulgent and write your blog as YOU deem fit. You have built up a huge fan base so FUCK the haters and let them hate. You are intelligent and so well informed so don't disappoint us and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Life would be verrry boring without some conflict or controversy once in a while. Write whatever you like and as the spirit moves you. If some do not like what you write, tough luck. Let them move on to someplace else. Congrats!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Anthony. I'm one who is lost without your input about life in D.R. and all the drama.Even when I'm away from the computer at work i manage to go to an internet Cafe in order to read your blog.Say what you feel, talk about everything and averybody, do not let people dictate what you should write about. "LET THEM BUILD A LADDER AND GET OVER IT" As for me I'm hooked to Monaga and even feel like I know you for a long time. Don't change for nobody.Angel from Long Island, N.Y.

John K said...

Anthony, Happy Anniversary on the blog. It seems like it's been around a lot longer, but it's great that you've kept it going, and I look forward another year and more!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anthony. I love your blog and look forward to reading each new entry. Yours blog is like you: unigue and original and I am a devoted fan/devotee. Please keep sending your thoughts out into the world censored or uncensored.

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed immensely reading your BLOG over the past year. It is fun to live vicarously through you. You have helped so many people that I am sure you are not aware of. Pointing out dangerous boggie boys for us to avoid in itself is showing that you care about your readers and the tourists who come to Santo Domingo. Helping those guests at the Clarion even though they were not your clients and going over and above what anyone else did shows how much you care even for those people you do not know. These are just a few examples of how you are making the Dominican Republic and the world a better place to live. Congratulations on your one year anniversary and if you decide to stop the blog and finally write that book we all keep asking for then you will have one happy fan. As someone already mentioned, you are intelligent and have a way with words, why not use that skill and write "The tales of Santo Domingo". Forget all these naysayers and put some direction in your life. Being an published author writing and living in Santo Domingo would be a wonderful life, wouldn't it?
Stay Safe...Jim

Monaga said...

Simbul, you are right and I thank you for your comments. I thank everyone who has been encouraging to me on this journey. Just going through my own personal drama right now.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Anthony, let me begin by saying ireally appreciate this blog of yours and all it intails, all the bites and pieces of factual info about many various topics , from the lovely beautiful country of Santo Domingo , the beaches , the handsome Model's ,,the advive u give the tourist, the frequent updates about the buggie boys and what happening with them has well, the good and bad, even to the party's that take place there that we are not able to attend, u share your views and thought s about those has well, whcih are very nice to hear.
I also enjoy the once and awhile conflicts that come up on the blog has well and that people are allowed to share there personal views and are not stopped from verbalizing there perception of the topic being discussed, that is great of you to allow, keep that in place, ok
Keep up this blog just like you have always had it , we are very greatful, it keep me well informed of the happening's in Santo Domingo and is a joy to read , thanks again for your great work. If you so decide to write a book that would be great has well, but do keep this going, we love you for it, smile thanks again .If someone has a problem with this , then they need just NOT READ IT, OK LET THEM MOVE ON..from Houstin

Nena said...

We must remain true to ourselves...without that we would not be at peace with ourselves. There will always be postive fans and many negative
Keep on keeping on~
Seeya in the summer