Monday, August 28, 2006

Goodbye, Ernesto!!!!!

Thank God, Ernesto has finally left our fair shores. I haven't heard about a lot of damage, besides flooding in some of the barrios. There wasn't much wind at all.

Today was the first day we had sun in two days. It rained for 2 days straight, and I mean it RAINED. This hurricane season has not been bad at all. Last year, there were many hurricanes passing, though no direct hits to the island. I believe the last direct hit to the Dominican Republic was hurricane George in 1998.

This past weekend I went to the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday night, for a drink with friends, and I was pleasantly surprised how many people were there. By the way, they make a mean Cosmopolitan. The place is really nice, if touristy, and the majority of the people there were upper-class Dominicans.

As I waited for the storm to pass, and it seemed that it was at least a week (though it was only 2 days), I continued to work on getting my site together ( It is not completely where I want it yet, but it is getting there. I want to thank Mario Sessions for his help with the design and for hosting the site for me until I find a new hosting company. I want to make sure the site is updated with the latest for the Gay traveler to the Dominican Republic. The site will now have ads on it. I know, I know, I should have done this a long time ago.

Another good thing about the storm passing through is that it let me get more work down on my novel. It is in the VERY early planning stages. Right now, I'm just going through and writing down all the things that I remember. It will be fiction, so names will be changed, AND, it allows me some dramatic license to spice things up. Not that what goes on here need anymore spice. I know many people will think they know who certain characters are, but you will be surprised.

There are quite a few tourists here right now. And there will be many more arriving by the end of this week. It seems die-hards are going to come, curfew be damned. Good, can't wait to see everyone. It should be a very nice weekend for everyone.

This weekend, Jay-Dee's and David Lee, are hosting their Sports Bar Family Reunion. This Saturday and Sunday, David Lee and his crew, will be bringing it to you in the V.I.P. area of Jay-Dee's. For more information go to David's blog @ I hope to see you there!

Curfew update: Bars are still closing at midnight during the week and 2am on the weekends, but the military roadblocks that were setup in the Colonial Zone have disappeared. Most people have adjusted like it has been this way all along. I spoke with some people staying at an all-inclusive resort in Juan Dolio. They told me that after they left the city this past weekend and got back to the resort the alcohol was still flowing freely way past 4am. The all-inclusive resorts are exempt from the new rules.

More later!



Let's see... Alcohol or a Date... I'll take the date for 300 Alex.....LOL

Anthony did you make my Resv.?
I also need 3 ice cold Presidente waiting LOL

Nena Nuyorican said...

now that is a real sexy papi~to bad I didn't meet up with papi, I woulld of probably stayed till tuesday, hahahaha when there was a seat available back to nYc!

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

More information that MAYBE the curfew might change in certain areas. Click on this

Outlook said...

Can you please confirm the many rumors going around the states that a prominant black gay businessman in Santo Domingo has been deported back to the states? The buzz is all over the US, the phone lines and e-mails are burning up. But no one can confirm this information. Do you know anything?

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

All I know is all the rumors that are going around. I have received numerous phone calls and emails asking for confirmation. I don´t have any. I heard, what many other people have, the owner of Bar Friends was deported to the United States.

Many people have different stories and theories. But, like the sightings of Big-Foot, no one has actual proof. The party line from his people are that he left to the States on "emergency family business."

Many people are "investigating" the rumors, but I won´t fully believe it until actual proof can be shown.

That´s all I know.

ArtFuggins said...

For some reason recently, a line from a song keeps running through my head...."Ding Dong, the witch is dead"

Outlook said...

If the deportation is true, then one would also wonder why it happened. One would also suspect that many of the harsh things that have been said about the owner of bar friends in the past, had some ring of truth to them. If this thing has happened (deportation), then it must be just dessert for the many alledged harms put upon others by this person. May god pray for his delivery from this situation, because I suspect few, if any humans, could care less if he ever gets out of this mess. But lets not jump to conclusions, lucifer has made several public announcements of intent, only for none of them to come true, so misleading the public, is part of his game. Let us not be pulled into that game of lies and misleading. Like Anthony says, Confirmation is priority. Don't celebrate too soon, you may get caught in the cross fire when lucifer makes his comeback.

Unknown said...

The key question that somebody probably can confirm is..."Is Bar Friends still open?"

Nena Nuyorican said...

Thinking of going back to the DR for the fall or Bar Friends open? has Discovery hotel open? what's the 411?
How is "club rouge doing? any updates?
my 5 wk vacation is over, WHERE DID THE TIME GO!!!!!!!

jh/fl said...

I went down for Labor Day week and attended the Sports Bar Reunion both nights. I must say that the trip was bitter sweet, I enjoyed seeing David, Jerry and you Anthony. I was somewhat sad not to have the Sports Bar and Jerry's restaurant to go to. Jerry's had become my favorite place to dress up for, and to have a very nice meal .I hope that if Jerry doesn't open another restaurant,he'll at least one day share some of the recipes. I was sadden to hear all of the stories about Leon and I do hope that he's alright. I've tried to find him in the system here in the states with no luck. At this point I don't think any of us will ever know what really happen to him. Yes Friends Bar was still open but the manager asked my traveling partner if he wanted to buy it. I don't know what that was all about .I must also say that I'm sorry for judging Mario Sessions with out getting to know him. I was able to spend very little time with him but I found out for myself that he really is a nice guy. I am one of the people that wrote one or maybe two, oh what the hell it was not more than four anonymous comments criticizing him for voicing his opinion I was out of line and for that I'm sorry .I also went to the Hard Rock Cafe 2 times and loved it. I stayed at the Green House this time it was some what restrictive but nice. Ruskin brought at my request a very nice man to the airport with him to help with my bags. I'm sooooo grateful for all of his help. I'm still detoxing from my trip, it should be over in two weeks.

Mario Sessions said...

I just want to thank you all for your support and good times we shared in Santo Domingo Labor Day weekend. It was a honor to see old friends and new faces. Thursday August 31, I landed in Santo Domingo Airport at 1:23pm. It was a surprise to see the new terminal that’s brand new about 3 weeks old very bright and clean marble floors with all new immigration stations and the new computerize tourist card station. Inside baggage claim you can’t help see the new flat screen monitors that displayed the flight information. One thing I really missed was the currency exchange booth that gave you the best price for the Dollar, now its an new company that gives you the lowest price for the Dollar 29 to 1. Save your money for the city where you can get the best rate for the American dollar.

Out of all the times I traveled to Santo Domingo (30) it was my first time staying at the Hodelpa Hotel, in the past I gave the hotel plenty of business and heard good reports about the service at the hotel plus I promise the manager that my next stay will be at the Hodelpa Hotel. I really enjoyed my stay, the staff was great and the prices were right on time. Anthony of Monaga is a registered agent for the Hodelpa hotel and he gave me a great rate. Check out (of course I designed it) LOL

Thursday afternoon: Anthony Bradley of Washington, DC and I sat on the patio for a few drinks which turn out to be a big party before we knew it we had about 12-15 people locals and Americans drinking and eating until about 9pm.

Thursday night: a small group of Santo Domingo Direct took a taxi over to Bar Friends, I really, really had a great time, it was like old times before it was changed if you know what I mean, It was packed seems like the staff was celebrating something I just cound not put my hands on it LOL. The locals gave me much love i felt great and loved, not to mention I saw a few faces that I did not know went the that bar, we all had a great time. I met this man from fl. that chatted with me for a few he told me about my insane comments on the blog and that he love me for being real. After that we all moved like old times to Jay-Dees and party the rest of the night.

Friday: Jose my driver, was too and from the Airport because more of Santo Domingo Direct guests was coming in groups as he dropped off one group, 30 mins. later he was dropping of another one. The Hodelpa was filled with Americans from DC, MD, TX, FL, NY, KY, LA, CHI, GA, and NJ.

Friday night: a van load of about 13 crashed Bar Friends at one time once again for drinks adding to the 30-40 Americans that was already there, after that we all took a taxi to the new club Rouge which was very nice, it was like an American club on South Beach, the drink prices was a little high, the DJ played good updated House music all night even though I requested some R&B and Hop-Hop. But it was up to the DJ to play what he wanted. The group got tired of the House music so we left the club to get something to eat before the city new law went into effect.

Saturday, Boca Chica Beach party: (the NO beach), because you will say the word NO all day long. It was great and to some it was a new experience. We at and Drank, swim all day until about 5pm.

Saturday night: the group got ready for the Sports Bar Reunion at Jay-Dees that started a little late. As the night past seems like the whole Island came into Jay-Dees, I saw old and new faces again that night we all dance and drunk the night away.

Sunday was the repeat of Saturday night at Jay Dees.

I want to think a few people and business for showing support and love this weekend.

Anthony of Monaga and Jose (for taking my advice), Anthony Bradley, The Sports Bar staff, Vicki, John, Andrew, Hodelpa staff, Always Ready Freddy, D, Derrick (the birthday boy), David, Ernest, Matt, Paul, Tim, Benny, jh/fl, (thanks for the nice comments I forgive you) Gee, Paco’s, the ATL kids (5) (the shady group), Ruskin, Casa New Yorker, Shady, Mike C, Charily, Jacques, Patrick, Taul, Keith, Jerry and the Staff from Jay-Dees, Bar Friends, Ernesto, Danny for the good service, The Texas kids, Sammy, Rodney, Agent Singleton (FBI) my contact, Mr. Greene, Chris, Quentin, Steven, Will, John K, and the Boyz. Thanks for the support of Santo Domingo Direct until next time because I have a plane to catch.