Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well ...

You see that I have changed things around a bit. Trying to see if it will help me get over my "bloggers block." When I first started the blog I was happy to write something all the time. Now I need some kind of motivation. I feel like I have said everything I could say about things.

Blogger asked me if I wanted to try out the new Beta stuff, so I will pick around with it for a minute until I can settle on something. I have also changed the comments so that no more anonymous comments will be allowed (at least for now).

I am bored and have to find some inspiration to keep the blog up. In the meantime, here are a couple of articles and let me think about what to blog about next.

U.S. citizen wrongly deported to the Dominican Republic

Want to visit Haiti?

Royal Caribbean Adds a Homeport in Santo Domingo

Dominican Pride in Haverstraw, NY


John K said...

Anthony, I hear you on blog block. I like the new pink background, which is eyecatching, and I hope it sparks some new entries. Are there any things happening in and around where you are in the Colonial Zone that you want to write about? Any interesting tourists coming through? Any tales and travails of folks there that you think people would like to hear about? Any recent trips? And more general thoughts that've come to mind? What's happening with the LGBT/AIDS prevention group there? Have there been any more tussles with the authorities or the Church? Any chisme de calle (I think that's right)? Whatever you come up with, it usually gets people thinking and talking!

Monaga said...

Thanks, John!

You have given me some ideas. One, I have noticed a change in the stores on El Conde. That will be my next entry.

Bahian Heat said...

Here is something your readers would like to know. At least those who are not going with us to Brazil. Anthony will have some hot pictures for you. Here is the news...

Purchase a round trip ticket via Delta Airlines and stay at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel for $29/night.

Friday, Sep 1 - Monday, Sep 4

Delta Flight departs Atlanta 9:45am and arrives DR 1:21pm.
Return flight departs 2:31pm and arrives Atlanta 6:15pm.

Total cost per person double $625 per person
$750 Single rate

Air: Delta
Hotel: Renaissance Jaragua and taxes



Nubian Knights

phone: 770-322-9535

Nena said...

15 days of vacation in the DR flew by so fast, i'm still shocked that i'm home. Had a nice time, hung out with Rafael la Boricua and his crew~great seeing HIM~
As a new yorker, getting out early on weekdays needed a lot of adjusting for the midnight curfew especially when the evening was going so well by 11pm & midnight was approaching fast~ and the weekends 2am was better
went to:
Bar Friends
Jay Dees
Just always have to keep the local bugarrons in check~ many feel they have entitlements just because they are who they are~

didn't make it to Arena this time for some strange reasons, I'll blame it on the lack to time to party and hit the spots~

Had great adventures of going to Punta Cana (3nites at an all inclusive resort) solo on the Bavaro Bus (4hrs each way-250pesos each way) and back and had a lil romance on the bus too and even a great time at the resort I'm not giving details, LOL LOL!
Had a great adventure to Boca Chica(local style)with David Lee and friends~in fact two times~the second time was so much easier and faster~
But the heat/humidity in Sto Domingo was breath taking in the daytime~overbarring at times but some love it just as is....!The nites in Punta Cana were much cooler and easier~made getting dressed up worth while and enjoyable~
Went to Rouge (and yes a few nites there was NO A/C and it was hot and too smokey from the smoke machine, except for one night where I met up with Anthony for dinner and an evening out and about, was very nice!
Met some friends at Rouge my first nite there that I met on a cruise ship a few years back for my b' dominican guy with his lover both live in queens, nyc~
The world can be a small place, never know who you will meet~
Loved the strip show at J-Dees~

David Lee mothered me to death with always wearing a HAT in the day time when I was out and about~ thanks David, hahahahaha(didn't realize how blonde my hair turned until I got home-phewwwwwwww!

Now home preparing for my Brazilian vacation~
Thanks to those who I met up with, stayed with and talked to in the DR for a nice time~
and thanks to that special man for showing me " l o v e"~
LOL LOL, I don't kiss and tell, and those who may know don't tell on me, hahaha~LOL~ (I know Mario is going to be asking who who who...)
until the next time, enjoy and stay well~
La Nuyorican~

Mario Sessions said...

hey wassup Anthony I like the new look see you next week

TSB-SDQ Newsletter said...

Nena....Si o No? Do you have your hat? The sun is hot! I enjoyed our time together, you are wonderful. Have a great time in Brazil. Love David.

Anthony, I love your new look, I'm sure there are many disappointed people who can no longer comment annonymously. You GO BOY!!! Keep up the good work. Much Love, David.

"Miz Vicki" said...

Hey Anthony love your new look I can't wait to see you next week. I'm cooking so I'll see you at the house!!for some SOUL FOOD!!
I did'nt forget the peach cobbler
Much Love
Miz Vicki

Paul said...

The new look is a nice change. You know what we all like, gossip! You don't need to have a phiosophical, prophetic or even intelligent posting every time. We can be happy with who was seen with whom, who the hot new strippers are, what happened at Paco's after closing time and how is Gregory doing at Rouge. Still hot as ever?

A little dishing is always welcome!

Nena said...

Congrats Antonio~!Do ya think~like you know how to do~

Time will tell that the annonymous will make up names, LOL~

Sorry that Dominican Hater never came to meet me in the DR since i was there for 15nites and 16days, I could of showed "IT" how I looked in person and maybe helped him with tht diagnosis of mental health and some FREE counseling! oh well, Next time!!!!!

David, SI !!!!
Found out the problem with the ATM...big story david..real big!!!

vICKI, when i come to DC we will have some s o u l food~

desertmarcos said...

Greetings from the California High Desert, Anthony!

I believe I have final approval for a "kitchen pass" for Labor Day weekend from my Mexicano Aztec Prince BF, so if American Airlines cooperates with an open seat for my large posterior, see you sooner than later?

Like the new rosa look as well and always enjoy your thoughts and 'take' on stuff.

I just returned from 2 weeks in Rio about 10 days ago and man are the garotos blazing hot there! Ay conio y Dios mio too! I had to come back home to get a bit of relaxation.

Mark W.

SF George said...

Hey Anthony: Your new look is great! Congratulations!

How about a daily blog hurricane watch? It looks like Ernesto will pass south of Santo Domingo, but who knows? Let's pray that it leaves our beloved DR alone (and all other landfall for that matter).

Why not give us a daily update on what, if anything, is going on to get ready for it? Roam the streets, talk with people, take lots of pictures, find out if anybody or the government is doing anything to get ready. Focus on the gay community if you can. And, if you do have to ride out the storm, you can become the new Anderson Cooper (LOL) . . . rain-spattered visage, leaning into the howling wind, dodging flying debris while giving us first-hand reports of the damage and recovery efforts.

I don’t mean to make fun of what could become a devastating tragedy. Lord knows the DR doesn’t need another battering. But your unique perspective coupled with your expressive writing style would be captivating and informative, especially for those of us who know the area and those who are planning to visit later in the year.

Also, you have done two or three really interesting interviews in the past. How about an in-depth interview with a buggarone? What an insight that would be..even if he remained anonymous.

But whatever you do, don't stop feeding us the gossip!

I'll be back in the DR for about five weeks from Christmas to the end of January. In the meantime, take care; I know the muse will return.

Nena said...

I meant, "do ya thing"!

Wish I coulda stayed for this weekend but there were NO available seats on AA up to Sunday evening~I needed to be home by Monday to prepare for Brazil.

I hope there are some special deals again....!That deal was from Atlanta
nYc has been rainy and cool. Have a slight cold that I hope to get over before Wednesday when we leave for B r a z i l!

Look for me before thanksgiving for a long weekend~i'm sorry i never got to meet that guy in your pics on the site (with the mirror).......!Anyways give my regards to all.....I didn't kiss your feet tho boo, hahahahaha!!!!!(private joke)!

The blog is different since the annonymous bloggers are blocked while it was interesting with the annonyomous comments it was also used for the wrong reasons.

There are many different things you can discuss and write about. For me, I find it interesting how so many (local men and buggarons) feel the sense of "entitlement" for so much just because we are tourists and/or ex-patriats living in the DR.
So many of us enjoy the updates of who's who and what's happening in the daily lives of the clubs,the club and bar participants(u've noticed i'm deliberating not using the "B" word)the love affairs,the drama,the colonial and Gazcue areas.
Enjoy the reunion~

Stay well and safe,
see you when I get back from Brazil.
La nuyorican

Rafael in PR said...

Finally, thanks to Nena, I was able to figure out how to post here! I am sooo technologically challenged... Anthony, I'm sorry that I could not get together with you while in SD. I thought that we would see each other later on after I saw you at Paco's! Spent 10 days in SD and had a great time despite curfew hours. Saw some 'old' friends and made new ones. Went to Altos de Chavon, San Cristobal, Palenque Beach, Boca Chica and the regular hangouts. If you do not enjoy yourself in SD it's because you do not know your way around and stay in your hotel room. Was there with 4 friends. We miss the Sports Bar terribly to start out the night. Went to Rouge twice with NO a/c both times. I don't think it will last. Jay Dee's is still the place to go. The strippers were hot, but the one on Friday night danced only for the 2 or 3 women that were in the place. Koki has to put a stop to that. Saturday's stripper was totally hot and verrry interactive. He took everything off and wrapped himself in a small towel to work the audience. He came right up to where Nena and I were sitting. Let me say that he was packin' a dangerous weapon under that towel. Right, Nena? Well, we were trying to find a place to put his tip. After some 'hard' thinking we decided for his boots.... Well, that's my story in a nutshell. Regards to Scotch at Casa New Yorker. Have fun and stay well!

Nena said...

Hey, Hola, Sup....Anthony, David, Rafael and gang.
I'm here nursing a terrible cold...i'll blame it on the airplane, LOL~, Have 2 days to get over it before I get back a plane-9hrs straight.
Yes, Rafael, i'm glad you got your "blogger" name~ VAYA!
I agree with getting around, while I ventured on a 4hour bus ride to Punta Cana and Had David Lee for the trips to boca chica which was great and adventurous....if you don't have a car getting around is very difficult hence so many get stuck on the conde, paco's in the daytime.
I agree that stripper in J-Dee's was hot, hung and got me bellaca-yes Rafael did we get a handful but they cut his "performance" short~ LOL LOL LOL~to bad I was with someone (and I had to let him have it with his sense of entitlement later that nite-he got NO where with his BS games) I out played the playa~!"Can't play a playa"! well.....i'll leave it there!!!!
I enjoyed out times together Rafael and your friends~enjoyable!~

Actually had 1 problem at the bar,this "junkie" told the waiters at the bar that I would pay for his coca cola and they approached me for the money....after some agruing back and forth and READING THEM HEAVILY IN SPANISH....telling the bar tenders who told you to charge a drink to me for him?????It was a pleasure to see a few of the "bugarrons" come to me telling me NOT to pay for the coca cola but after it all I PAID FOR IT AND TOLD THAT JUNKIE DON'T EVER TRY THAT BS again~he's a leech and I had no interest in him at all. After that, all went well!!!

So let me get back to nursing this horrible head cold~sniffling, running nose...aye bendito!!!

To Ms.Vicki and David, enjoy your sports bar reunion.
To anthony, do keep in contact via email sometime and let me know how it's all going.
I really enjoyed myself even though the curfews were a damper~

Mario said...

Hey wassup Anthony, I have 2 days and i can see myself on the beach relaxing I cant wait also did yo get the pics I sent Vicki, I have a taste for some of your good ass cooking when i get there. Nena, sorry I missed you. David, I want to go on that local bus trip to the beach so make some time.....

Nena la Nuyorican said...

Get ready for a bumpy ride, LOL to Boca Chica!
We'll see each other there(SDQ)sometime in the winter for sure~

I think David had enuff of the I think I wore DAVID out with "let's go to the beach"~LOL LOL
Si or No???(gigglin)!!!!!

It's been raining here too Anthony from Saturday to today Monday at times very very hard~but I still wish I was able to stay for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLOAKED said...

Ok but I will try being that a lot of Americans will be in Santo Domingo for the weekend.