Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is Castro Dying?

As I'm getting older and my faculties are not what they once were, sometimes I sit at the computer to write a blog item and I am at a loss.

Then Rafael, a good friend of this blog, makes a comment about Cuba.


That's what I wanted to write about. Thanks for mental push, Rafael.

When I was watching the news last night about Fidel's potential demise, at least that is how most of the Cubans in Miami are seeing this, I thought what would that mean for the DR.

For one thing, the DR gets most of its tourists from Europe and Canada. Though more and more Americans have started coming here, especially to Punta Cana. But what happens if say Fidel is on his last legs. What would this do for those who love the DR and travel here often?

Well, I think the DR would be in for a definite downturn once Cuba opens up. Cuba being 90 miles off the coast of Florida would put it a day trip away for many people in the southern United States.

Right now Cuba is very expensive. But that is due to the embargo imposed by the U.S. Once the place opens up and the Miami Cubans start funneling money there like crazy, then it should get much cheaper.

All I know is that I would definitely head there to check the place out.

The question is, my dear readers, would you?


Nena said...

The Cubans at work (who's parents left cuba or left themselves as children)stated that RAUL CASTRO is a terror and dictator himself. While I have never been to Cuba, I've heard from some friends who were part of the exile in 1980 that CUBA'S GAY LIFE IS DA BOMB!!!

Not only will the DR suffer from tourism so will the island of Puerto Rico (the economies will suffer big time)!

I will definitely be one of the TOURIST FOR C U B A. Afterall, Cuba gave us their colors for our flag-Puerto Rico. Therefore you can see the similarites in the two flags.
How the world is changing!!!!!!

Simbul said...

I have a Columbian friend in Miami who just recently went to Cuba via Mexico City. He loved it, and said that if they ever open the island it would be flooded with tourists. He also has been to the DR and we talked about the differences he experienced. He thinks the Cubans are more starved for money, but when the States lets up they will immediately become entrepeneurs. He said they are willing to make a buck out of doing anything (get your mind outta the gutter).

I hope this happens while I still have some...uhm...general youth

Eddie said...

Thanks for posting about this, Anthony. It is really something to think about. But I tend to agree with Nena's comment above, and I wonder why are the Cubans in Miami getting so happy when he's just turning over the reigns to his brother?! But I'm sure we (the U.S.) have major plans to overtake him. Will be some very interesting times ahead. I have mixed feelings about it all though. Although I would like the freedom to travel to Cuba legally, my own country seems to think they can fix everyone. We are such imperialists. But I never experienced oppression from Castro, so I certainly cannot speak for the Cubans in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

I would visit. However, I wouldn't give up my American Passport or citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
I have been to both Cuba and the Dominican Republic. When it comes to civility (re:crime, corruption etc. etc.), Cuba is miles ahead of the DR.
By the way, it's only U.S. citizens who have trouble going to Cuba, because of the intransigence of succesive U.S. administrations. For the rest of the world Cuba is open to visit. Having said that, I doubt very much that Raul Castro will change any current policies: it's the U.S. that will have to back down.
Sydney Australia.

Anonymous said...

An addendum to my previous comment. Gay life in Cuba is alive and well. Mariela Castro, daughter of Raul is leading the sexual revolution.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting thatwhen thousands of Mexicans marched in our streets thatthere was outrageover the Mexican flags tht were displayed. Now there are thousands of Cuban flags in the streets of Miami and no one says a word.....double standard? I hve no problem witheither flag but I do have a problem with the double standard...Mexicans are people too.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Cuba "opening up" will only b a minor setback to the DR and even PR. Cuba is open to the rest of the world and the DR's tourism is still ahead. Yes Cuba is a different kind of place, but all 3 islands have a different sort of tourist base. I think that by Cuba changing, the DR will actually benefit, they will b our partners in the Spanish Caribbean in terms of business and politics...Cuba is no real threat to the DR.

Anonymous said...

I'm Cuban-American, from New York, I was forced to leave the Island in 1980 just for being Gay prior to this, the authorities went to my Politecnical School and arrested me at 16 years old just because I was an antisocial (Gay).I do too wish for Castro to be Dead, I suffered his punishment in my own skin. I can still hear the voices of my fellow Cuban screaming: " Get Out" Now thank to the US, I'm free, but wish Freedom for Cuba every day of my life. Nena It will be my pleasure to take you there once Comunnism is no more. Eddie, you see why we celebrate each of Us in exile have their own open wound that bleeds. Lazaro. from New York. Viva Cuba Libre.

Anonymous said...

to the post of the Flag!! I would would have to agree with you! I also have no problem with flags and hisp or latinos we need to be heard! but i also feel the mexicans has a bad rap when it comes to them! Texas did not belong to US day just took it away!

Anonymous said...

Anthony, thanx for your kind words.
The world is definitely changing as Nena says. And that is one of my worries concerning Cuba. I am afraid the once Cuba has a 'democratic' government and the Burger Kings, KFCs, McDonalds, Pizza Huts, Pep Boys, etc... move in, the country will lose its unique flavor/ambiance. Right now, being in Cuba is an experience hard to describe to someone who has not been there. In Cuba, time has stood still. It is 1959. I am sure that there are many who would like to see it move into the 21st century and I respect their point of view. However, I am thankful that I was able to visit Cuba before all this comes to pass.
From Puerto Rico,

the Allen gallery said...

From time to time, The LOGO channel shows a great documentary on gay Cuba called "The Two Cubas". Check it out if you can.

We haven't traveled to Cuba yet, but it's on our list of travel spots.

Friends who've traveled to Cuba report its a great time. Honestly, I'd like to see it BEFORE if and when the political climate changes.

Also, today's NY Times has an article on Cubans in Miami and the possibilities and realities of moving back to Cuba. (You may need a password to view the article)

Anonymous said...

I have been to Cuba twice in the past eight years. I flew through Canada and had no problems at all.
Cuba's main industry has become tourism surpassing sugar which was the biggest industry prior to the investments in hotels by the germans, french and italians. There were hordes of europeans packing the hotels on both my trips and the sex industry is very big there. Old men with money seeking out girls young enough to be their granddaughters or great-grand daughters. It was disgusting. I met a lot of interesting guys on the beaches and in the city of Havanna. The Malecon at night is HOT! At first I had problems getting guys into my hotel room, but by the second trip I knew enough to pave the way with "propina". By the way if the Miama Cubans think they can just rush back there and claim property they are living in a fantasy world.
That property they had is long gone and nobody will let them take it back. Maybe gradually Cuba will become more capatalistic(notice I didnt say "democratic")and I would like to see that as the people I met yearned for some of the comforts the rest of the world takes for granted. I would urge everybody to visit before "mickey D's" does. It is truly something to experience. And it was not that expensive. My last trip I stayed two weeks in a one-bedroom apartment on the beach and the whole things cost me $1200 and that included airfare from NYCto Canada/Cuba.

Monaga said...

Very interesting comments, all.

It will be very interesting to see how the whole thing plays out.

Anonymous said...

I have an issue with regard to waving the flags of foreign countries. I understand that it can be an expression of being proud of your heritage. However, waving the flag also symbolizes waving an idea that you want to expound to others. In terms of Cuban-Americans, it may mean their extreme anti-Castro views (as written by some of us here) and wish to return to Cuba under a different kind of government. In terms of Mexican-Americans, it may mean their views of trying to legalize the status of millions of Mexicans who are here illigally. I think most Americans are not dumb and understand the context within which foreign flags are being flown.

Dave in SF

Anonymous said...

Anyone can travel to Cuba from the Dominican Republic with you American Passport! CUBA will not stamp your American Passport (they know the deal, and they want your American money) Its about $450 round trip. It is worth seeing before Capitalism gets there!

DR will suffer a lot from the lack of tourism. Cubans are better business men (they know how to treat a customer) Cubans have a superior education (no shade to DR), Cuba was the playground of the rich pre Castro (DR was a very poor banana republic). DR is classafied 3rd World and Cuba is not. No shade but Cubans have contributed heavily to the United States, no one can dispute what they did to Miami, and how much political power the weld there. They are a far more sofisticated group than Dominicans. What have the Dominicans contributed to the American society (they've contributed to the welfare rolls). They don't even contribute to their own society. 4 out of 5 Dominicans want to leave their own country. That says a lot!
CUBA when its free will attract all the rich, the powerful, the, the curious, the investor, the entertainment, the casinos ect etc...DR has no weight politically, economically, or socially in the world of nations. Cuba once free will be milking tourism, and investors for billions a year for at least the next 50 years! That will set DR back by 50 years. The world attention will shift dramatically. wew.....nuff said....

Anthony, can I get off the subject, and recommend that you include some sort of a spell check on this Bolg?? See what I mean *BLOG*....Take care all!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and would definitely visit Cuba if it opens up.......The Cuban guys here are gorgeous with BIg Cocks!!!!And from what I hear, they r very easy to find in Cuba....either gays otr gay 4 pay........Thanks 4 this website........

Anonymous said...

To be accurate about Cuban success in America you should mention that cubans are the only group of immigrants given carte blanche (and i meant that in the truest, literal sense) to citizenship in the US. They do receive welfare- in proportions that far outweigh any other ethnic group, grants, no cost and low cost loans, and the backing of a major political party due to their extreme right wing political philosophy.

I would not go throwing stones at Dominicans. Look at the way white cubans socialize with black cubans once they get to the states. And the haitians. White cubans have been chosen and groomed as the hispanic/latino group to pit against other latino/caribbean groups with shall we say darker skin.

It's as if they're from different planets. Inherently racist, right wing fanatics with an awful lot of self righteous arrogance. Good lord, who will ever forget that whole Elian Gonzalez spectacle?

I'm sure many Cubans still on the island look to they day when the Miami crackpots return with absolute dread.

Leave the Dominicans alone.

Anonymous said...

Everything I said about CUBANS compared to DOMINICANS is true! I did not make it a black/white issue! I'm not picking on the dominicans. They have not contributed in anyway, shape, or form to American society! They only TAKE!! There is no excuse not to succeed in American society! being BLACK is only an excuse not to do, not a hinderance!

Dominicans are rich in culture and thats IT! Cubans excel anyway there go, and thats a fact! Dont make this a BLACK/WHITE issue when its merely a two different cultures at work here!


Anonymous said...

Tell me then, what other "successful" immigrant group has been given and continues to receive the special hand outs, welfare, business loans, exemptions and no questions asked straight to citizenship status given to cubans? What group *wouldn't* be successful given all those perks? Realize that the vast majority of Cubans who originally fled Cuba were the super rich and they brought that wealth with them. They did not come here and start working in tobacco fields. And do not overlook all the drugs and drug money flowing through cuban businesses in the Miami area that became nicely laundered and respectable.

Even if you don't wish to talk about skin privileges (of course why would anyone ever want to do that), to deny this preferential treatment afforded to cubans helps them to become "successful" is retarded. And to slam Dominicans as having contributed nothing and as takers in comparison to Cubans given the lopsided playing field is quite puzzling.

Anonymous said...

To the fool speaking of Dominicans' lack of contribution, where the hell do u live? in Alabama??? Dominicans have very much added to the business development of the major cities in the Northeast, and whoever does not see this is just plain ol BLIND. Take a look at NYC, America's largest city. We r the largest immigrant group here, the largest group of small business owners, the largest group of Hispanic college students, just to name a few. Its more than obvious that ur post is based on personal opinion rather than fact. Where the hell did u hear that 4 out of 5 Dominicans want to leave the country? My dude ur completely off track. I will not knock the Cubans while defending Dominicans, but they r different groups with extremely different situations. The reason the Cubans have done so much is because they simply do not have the option of doing the same back home like all other immigrant groups do, and if it were not for Castro being in power, the Cubans would not b the favored immigrant group of the US. From the junk ur talkin it seems that ur not doing very much for the US either. Watch what u say, it makes u look extremely ignorant, and i HOPE that you aren't that way, for your own good.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster that says that once Cuba is "free" it will attract "all the rich, the powerful, the investors, etc." in a way that neither the DR nor PR ever did. Lots of other Caribbean vacations spots will also feel the pinch. Maybe they won't go under, but all will be affected by the loss of tourist dollars. Cuba, here I come!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening up this subject for discussion.
Julian, I am extremely disappointed in your total ignorance. The world looks at America to see how best to address issues with Immigrants and the overwhelming consensus is that America has done a great job with their immigrants. Having lived in New York all my life, I can say that every immigrant group has contributed greatly to the city. The Dominicans have completely revitalized Washington Heights/Inwood in Manhattan. Their businesses are thriving and they also have the dual responsibility of taking care of their families in the Dominican Republic. And YES, the Cubans are given carte blanche when they make it to these shores in ways that other Caribbean immigrant groups only dream about - yet the other immigrants have carved out livelihood for themselves in adverse conditions. I know, I'm the son of Immigrants.
For you, Julian, to skirt the issue of racism and how it's played out in these situations is simply hiding your head in the sand. GET IT OUT! Crabs and other sea urchins need to forage for food in the sand and not run across your thick head. And then, why is there a vision of Cuba that is circa Ricky Ricardo and his Band?

Anonymous said...

To all the UNCLE TOMS that need to defend the poor Dominicans you can go %$&# yourselves! Onee thing I cant stand is an UNCLE TOM! Anyway "THE DOMINICANS HAVE COMPLETELY REVITALIZED WASHINGTON HEIGHT/INWOOD IN MANHATTAN" that statement is laughable! Any Dominican worth their salt wont even LIVE in Washington Heights! Washington Heights is one big VILLA JUANA!!! Full of crime, gun running, drug running, money laundering, prostitution, Loud noise, police corruption, illegal gambling. They are being pushed out, just like the Blacks in Harlem! I know of 4 apartments in Washington Heights that sell stolen designer clothes and asesories. All you maricones want to do is screw a Dominican. You see a Dominican and you think of us in sexual terms! You do not know our needs, and wants. We as a people will most likely not ever get it together! I am a Dominican Male born in DR!!! I know what I am talking about! It hurts my heart to know we can not seem to rise to the level of respect that I know we are capable of. When it comes to music we have no superstars (maybe Juan Luis Guerra)! Oscar de la Renta! After that all other latin countries have us beat! I can go on and on but i wont! I love my country, but unfortunately I am very dissappointed. WAKE UP EVERYONE DR is a DUMP! And trust me given an opportunity the girls would flee that island!!! How many dominicans in DR have said to you the "I'm waiting for my papers" or "I'm married to a women from Canada" or "My father lives in New York" or "I'm going to New york next month" all for the purpose of getting your money!! Anthony has wrote about that bull $%#$ many times. Anyway I've gotten away from the point! Bottom line, CUBA has DR beat!!!

Julian Cruz.....PS Anthony are you working on that SPELL CHECK option???

Anonymous said...

Oh BTW Oscar del la Renta the designer is a superstar Dominican. I just didnt bother to finish my thought! I didnt mean to infer that he's connected to music.


Anonymous said...

Julian, take your medication. It's wearing off.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Julain. No self respecting dominican would live in Washington Haighst or Inwood!

Anonymous said...

let me add a little bit to the discussion. I live in Miami. Born and raised here 50 yrs ago. What the Cubans have done to Miami is a disgrace!!! 99% of the Cuban politicians here are corrupt (u'll find that in every Latin country). They are all loud and rude. Miami used to be a city where people said hello to each other as they walked the streets. They don't learn English. When things don't go their way they block the streets (remember Elian Gonzalez???) They are very disrespectful to Americans. If they are so happy to be in America, wave the American flag. If you are not an American citizen, GO HOME!

Try living in Miami now-a-days. I am out of here in 2 months. If and when Castro dies, get ready for a major boatlift (remember Mariel?). The Cubans will not be returning to Cuba.

The only good thing about Cubans in Miami is their food. PERIOD!

If you don't live in Miami with these fools then keep your mouth shut. U DON'T HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM!

Anonymous said...

Washington Heights is full of drugs,guns,crime, drug dealing dominicans and gun selling including heavy gang activity and welfare clients. While many go to college here too many don't bother trying to master the language of English as in Hostos community college. The City Univ of NY had to add English exams for graduating students because they were not at all well education or proficient in English.
Cubans were given the status of refugee status and that opened the cubans to many benefits,welfare funds, grants.
BTW: Nena, we know each other. I finally cleared up your pic you posted and remembered you from the office,love the blonde hair now. we worked with each other on 135st years ago as eligibilty specialists at hamilton? I hope you will remember. We need to talk?
can I email you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments Angel...I told you all so! Who was the idiot that said "Domincians have COMPLETELY REVITALIZED Washington Heights/Inwood" Get real, and tell the truth. Its that Queen that has her head in the sand, not me. And what major Cities in the North East dominicans have turned around??? That Queen is talking crazy!


Nena said...

Hola Lazaro,
That would be GREAT~ definitely would enjoy the company of another latino showing me his "country" his roots~

Yes, I remember your "tired" ass, LOL LOL we had fun back in the days.....YOU left and joined the marines, if i recall and we had NO email at that time...if this is you, holla back!
Glad your kicking and enjoying~

Yes, Washington Heights is very dangerous in the evenings. You can walk up b'way from 135 Street ten blocks and see all the on the street drug activity and outright selling. Washington heights is what "harlem" used to be. There are areas that are cool but all in all the drugs, guns and gang activity is very very prevelant!

Yes, again, the Cubans were given "refugee" status and it made it easier for them to receive public assistance (pa/ma/fs) back then!!
But everyone contributes one way or another..hopefully in a very positive and producity way!

I would love to see the Cuba now and then the Cuba with Lazaro!!
and I want to go with Rafael since he's MR. Traveling Man~~~!

I started my vacation on Friday @ 5pm..and I will enjoy my 4 weeks traveling, seeing some old friends and meeting some new friends....thinking of Cuba during this time too...
Definitely going to Brazil at the end of the month~

who is visiting the DR in the next few weeks ahead????

Anthony, I've emailed you cuzzzz!!

stay well all
siempre palante
Nena Nuyorican~

Anonymous said...

Oye Nena!
Wassup, mi amiga? I will be in SD from August 11 to 21 and staying at Casa New Yorker. Mándame un email a a ver si nos damos unas Presidentes frías en la República! Cuídate!
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Sup Nena~
I remember back in the days we called you Ms. B*** (not bitch like some may be thinking). I'm still in shock that you travel to part of my heritage country. Are you still with your best friend that we all thought was your husband, you know the dominican guy whose uncle was Trujillo?
see I remember, I remember how you came and helped me when my kid got killed by the car, believe it or not girlfriend, I always thought of you and your kid.
Hey, i'll be in harlem visiting my mother on 106st-franklin plaza apts, come by and let's get our laughon-= on sunday around 4 pm. I know you remember the building. I don't want to post my email here and i'm sure you don't either
Please come by
your old pal

Anonymous said...

Julian I see you know of 4 apartments in the heights,ok!
so how much you sell the designer stuff for?
give us some names of the cloths you sell and how much?
why do the dominicans think they can continue to use racial slurs against african americans.
One time I read this a%%hole call blacks niggers and now this punk is calling us, uncle toms.
maybe it's time for a real beat down.
The blacks on here should be outragged if you are not then there is definitely something wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why Julian is calling posters on this blog "Uncle Toms." The term defines a black person who is perceived by other blacks as servile to white authority figures or looking for the approval of whites in general. I see no relationship whatsoever in what he wrote to this thread which is about travelling to CUBA. So get over it already!!!

Anonymous said...

I repeat I am Dominican!!! I used the term UNCLE TOM becuase as soon as I said things that were Pro Cuba, and Anti DOMININCAN REPUBLIC all the Blacks on this Blog attacked me in defense of the Dominicans (who are not Black-Americans). Though I appreciate your loyal support of my people, I do disagree with most of your opinions regarding this issue. I was viciously attacked by the innate Unlge Toms that read this blog that want so desperately to be Dominican, and want so badly to NOT IDENTIFY with their own culture! Most of these "TOMS" were irrate, and mean to me! I didnt say anything Anti Black American! I was talking about my people (DOMINICAN) as is my right to do! Please read from the beggining, and you'll say that it was me that was attacked verbally!! Unfortunately CUBA is a far more superior country than DR. For whatever reason! The world is waiting with baited breath for their freedom, and you'll see how much support, attention, money, medicine, supplies will flow to that country! That will mean the END of tourism, and much less financial support from the international community to DR.

Hell we cant even keep our clubs open past 12am anymore!! Do you see what I mean by Backwards meentality! We are a lost people that will never get it right!!!!!

Julian Cruz

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Julian! You have won first prize in the category of stupidity. You can collect your prize as soon as you pull your head out of your ass.

Whatever racial or ethnic groups you belong to, I'm sure they're better off knowing you'd rather be Cuban.

Again, congratulations! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Uncle Tom! Why dont you try minding your own business next time! Stop hating!

Big Mama said...

You children are crazy, what is this "uncle tom" bullshit, used against Dominican?? African Americans?? Cubans??? Juliana what is the deal with hating your own people? can cut the superiority bullshit also, cause just like the rest of "non-whites" in the usa, caribbean and world for that matter, you don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, you are where you are because the white american government allowed you to be there. AA's we need to fix our own house before we try to help repair someone else house, direct your energy to political reform in the usa. Let the dominicans and cubans fight their own fights. Cause neither the cubans or dominicans will come to the aide of AA's. Renew the fight that was started by our parents and grandparents for civil rights in usa. Teach our young AA's who kill, gangs and nigga this and nigga that, bitch this and bitch that and in truth, spit on the graves of Dr. & Mrs. King, and so many who have fought to get AA's to where we are today. Where is the next generation of AA's to carry the light of hope and freedom for AA's in the usa, do we turn it over to 50cents and DMX??? Everyone needs to refocus and leave dr and cuba to their own and deal with america and how far AA's have slipped backwards. Amen, happy Sunday.

Big Mama said...

And to my white sisters and brothers, you should not be offended at what I've said above, unless you are a usa government official, as I directed my comments at the white dominated usa government and their policies of hate they continue to spew out to the world. I urge you to join with your AA brothers and sisters in fighting these policies thru political change and reform.

Anonymous said...

Puleezzeee...children, children! the topic is TRAVEL TO CUBA>>TRAVEL TO CUBA>>TRAVEL TO CUBA>>TRAVEL TO CUBA>>TRAVEL TO CUBA>>TRAVEL TO CUBA......

Anonymous said...

If you want a bit of Cuba right there in Santo Domingo, go one evening to hear the live Afro-Cuban jazz and son at the Cuban Cultural Center on El Conde just around the corner from Caribe Colonial. Walk towards the river; it's on the left about halfway down the block.

I went there with a local friend several times last year. There is an outdoor restaurant and bar and dance floor, and it is not expensive. The drinks are good - especially the Cuba Libres and Mojitos. And, the people watching is terrific.

Even if they have to close at midnight or 2:00am on weekends, you can have a fun time there - especially if you like like Latin jazz!

I haven't been to SD since November. Does anyone have any more current information? What about any other good live music joints in SD?


Joseph said...

It is outright unfair to compare the Cuban immigrant with the Dominican immigrant. Those who made the comparison are seriously unaware of the historical differences between the two groups.

The first wave of Cuban's who settled in the US were the best educated, middle-upper class and white Cuban's. That in itself is a resource sufficient enough to succeed anywhere; a resource that many immigrants, Dominican's included, lack. That first group got here right after the revolution and, as previously mentioned, US Congress passed the Cuban American Adjustment Act in 1966 which provided $1.2 billion dollars of direct financial assistance (public assistance, Medicare, free English courses, etc) to them. I don’t even think African-American’s who built America have gotten that much support. With that kind of support who wouldn't be able to succeed? And most importantly, what other group has gotten it? Also, statistically it is known that 74% of Cuban's received government assistance at one point; therefore challenging the notion that Dominican's are only 'takers'.

We most also take into account that although both groups began immigrating to the US since the 60's, more than half of the Dominican-American population migrated during the 90's. That is at least a 10-15 year head start for Cuban's who were already given huge amount of support, on top of the resources they brought with them. Let's also keep in mind that until the 90's Cuban's barely left the Sunshine state(Miami-Dade county to be specific), while Dominican's have settled in NYC (not by choice, but due to opportunity), which is one of the world most expensive cities. Get my drift?

As far as what will the 'freedom' of Cuban do to the growing tourism in the DR, I think that it will suffer but not as drastically as 75% of the comments here suggest. What many of you don't understand is that Cuba's door has been open to the entire planet earth since the beginning of the revolution. Tourists from around the world have had the option of visiting Cuba for years. And so has had the US for the most part. Also, each 'paradise' has a particular group of tourist coming in. There is enough tourism to go around, besides the Dominican government is getting better over the years. Do we really think that they are going to sit by passively and let their major source of income disappear? Money talks, for both sides. The only place that doesn't get much tourism is PR, and that is only because it is more expensive.

I think that the way in which the DR will be affected is that the American tourism, which wasn’t until a factor until recently, is going to dwindle. I think that America's curiosity towards Cuba will bring that shift in tourism there. All Dominican tourism has been coming from Europe. However, American's swear that communism is great and that Cuba is an ideal vacation spot, but anyone who has visited can tell you that it is falling to pieces. Point in case, Cuba needs over a billion dollars to fix the Havana infrastructure alone. Yes, it has a great culture and history, but realistically speaking it is not what many are dreaming it to be. Been there, loved it but it is the truth. Once the excitement of ‘communism’ dies, you can’t help but notice that Cuba is complete poverty. Btw: Cuba might not be considered a third-world, but it is not considered first-world either.
Now, Cuba is relatively safe but do you think that once the government is overthrown that Cuba is going to be heaven? Come on now, even if Raul Castro gives up power willingly (which I doubt it) Cuba is going to be turn upside down. These are a people that have lived in segregation for half a century! When the cat’s away the mouse is at play. This might be a simple analogy, but think of its consequence. Then, factor in the negative tourism that will be coming in. If prostitution was an issue during the Castro era, what do you suppose will happen once the state isn’t feeding the masses? One of my biggest fear is that HIV, which is like 2% now, will hit the island hard. You know what they say: once it becomes a commodity in the US it is over.

As for Cuban-American's and their future role in the island, remember that when the 'Muriel' reached US shores they were the first to shun those on the boat because of race and class issues. Personally I think that it is only the Miami-Dade area, the recently arrived Cubans, we see out on the streets waving flags. Do we really think that the Coral Gables Cubans (and other wealthy suburbanites) give a shit about Cuba and the Cubans there when they are upper middle class and more than half their family made it to the US? When they are so close to being considered the next best thing to white? I don’t think so. Do we know that the majority of Cuban’s in Cuba are the none-white? Think of the implication that will bring to Cuban-American’s, which are for the most part Republicans.

One last thing: the majority of Dominican-American's are first generation and Cuban-American’s are second-third. Let’s have this conversation ten-fifteen years from now.


Anonymous said...

Joseph, thanks for providing such a clear historical perspective of the two groups of immigrants. I particularly like your comments about how some of us idealize the current conditions in Cuba, but which in reality it may not be as rosy for someone living there.

History continues to be written and it will be interesting to see how both countries evolve over time.

Dave in SF

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joseph! Let's hope Julian with his self-depricating ways can glean some sense out of what youy've said.

Monaga said...

Joseph, what a great and well-written comment.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that anyone who has posted here has tried to "idealize the current conditions in Cuba." Some things ARE better in Cuba, others ARE NOT. The original intent of this thread was Cuba as a place to vacation, not to live. I love visiting in SD. Would I like to live here for the rest of my life? Hmmmm....I have to think this one over.
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Hey Joseph,

Tu eres muy lindo! Umm Humm....tienes novio?

Julian Cruz

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, no American president has the guts to do what's RIGHT! Bush doesn't, Clinton didn't, and on and on. Bush doesn't have anything to lose, now that he can't run again. Why doesn't he just pull a Nixon and "go to Cuba?" Then the whole mess would be over and done with. People would visit, commerce would flow, and the country might start getting it together economically.

While I'm not a Nixon fan, nor a fan of any Republican, he did have the balls to do the right thing by saying "Enough is Enough" as far as China was concerned.

If we can be going in tour groups by the planeload to Viet Nam, China, Cambodia, et al, why in God's name can't we go to Cuba? What has Castro done that can be worse than the dictators of those regimes?

The bullshitedness of the politics just boggles the mind.

Well, that's my rant and rave for the week. Now, does anyone have any comments about the music scene Cuban and otherwise in the DR? Just wondering, cause it's apassion of mine (when I want to get away from the men!) LOL


Nena said...

Joseph was very on point with his facts~ great to see another latin step up to the plate with knowledge and express it so well


Now, whose going to show me around in cuba this august??? heehehe

Lazaro, I still going to wait for that day and visit the island with you.

Puerto Rico has absorbed a large amount of cubans back in the 60s and 70s. The cubans opened up businesses, purchased land and homes (which the elders would say, they resented)
Puerto Rico is also absorbing many of the Dominicans both legal and illegal and yes Puerto Rico is an expensive vacation but again you have many of the luxuries of the main land (yes I intentional said the Main land as we are born american citizens-while some want independence the jury is still out as hence we are still a "commonwealth".
I'm sure my "hermano" Rafael can present a more historical sequence of Immigration to Puerto Rico.

When I was in grad school, I would challenge the professors and authors who called Puerto Ricans immigrants when they moved to i.e. NYC, Chicago. WE migrated.
YEs that was off the subject of CUBA but Joseph mentioned how expensive PR is for vacationing and I GUESSSSSSS i got a lil nationalist ;)~~

Riis Park/Beach had a great BLK GAY PRIDE DAY. It was packed, blanked to blanked....HAD a great time!!
But nothing like the beach in the i come!!!!!

Again Joseph Thanks
Rafael Thanks

Mario Sessions said...

A very good point! wassup nena call me

Roger said...

Joseph you are terrific. Your clarity and articulation of the whole Cuban/Dominican migration to the United States was simply outstanding. Not only are you intelligent and obviously well educated but you're gorgeous too.
Oh to be 30 years younger my friend I would certainly be in pursuit. Thanks for your refreshing comments.

Nena said...

Vacation, Vacation Vacation loved that I didn't have to go to work today..LOTTO FREE Me, hahaha!

Rafael, I emailed you~

Mario will call ya this evening~

Thanks to the blog I met up with a coworker/old friend I haven't seen in over 15 years~

and as far as Castro...he has NOT showed his face as of yet....the speculations he alive?
Unfortunately with what's going on in the Middle East---Israel, Lebanon, Iraq not much concentration on the news about Castro or his brother...even CNN~

Recently I went to a Cuban owned bakery here in Harlem and the cubans were holding court about the happenings in Cuba and Castro...the sentiment: they want to go HOME!(these were the old timers who been here since the 60s)of course me and my friend drank our coffee and ate the hot buttered bread and listened attentively......!!!! Enquiring minds wanted to know~

Anthony, I met one of your"pals" from nYc at the beach!One of your old time hanging out buds!

jesus roberto "robert" said...

i don't think that the dr would be on a downturn once cuba opens up. a lot of my friends here are in cuba right now for the winter (well, it's wintertime here, anyway).

the cuban government has made deals with the europeans and the brazilians willing to set up shop there which should stand up in court once the castro brothers are gone (much to the miami people's chagrin).

the funny thing is, the people who went venezuela or spain or mexico already have much of their property back (or the rights to much of their property back, much in the manner that juan carlos was promised the spanish crown once franco died).

i've been to cuba a few times (that french passport was good for something after all). it's OK. and there is a lot of tourist infrstructure already there. castro wasn't stupid -- he created everything in a manner to alienate the people who went to the united states once he's gone, and he's totally succeeded.


oh yeah. hi, anthony. long time, no see. greetings from cape town.

Anonymous said...

what's up with the videos on this site? I viewed the videos and then all of a sudden I got "spy ware and adware" on my PC which is a security threat. luckily I have programs to detect that shit.
and No I don't do websites, porn sites or anything that I haven't done for years. I know it was from whoever downloaded installed these videos on the new site.
that's far from being cool. attempting to destroy someone's thousand dollar personal computer.
Not cool at all

Mario Sessions said...

the spyware is not coming from maybe the software you are using to view the video creating the spyware

Anonymous said...

Joseph, mad points man, but just so you know, you don't need apostrophes (') to make plurals. It should be:

"Cuban Americans"
"African Americans"

Otherwise, very insightful post.

Anonymous said...

Got back from the Dr a few hours ago. No american should be visiting the DR now. It is:
1. boring
2. very boring
3. nothing to do in the evenings especially the weekdays after midnite
4. and still boring on weekends
5.the american expats should be honest and stop trying to stay quite to make their livelihoods better to get the almighty dolla.
DON'T GO TILL IT'S OVER (the martial law)

Anonymous said...

Bored in SD? Only if you stayed in the Colonial Zone all day. Did you go to Altos de Chavon? Guayancanes Beach? La Romana? The Cathedral at Higuey? Salinas Beach? Rio San Juan? I could go on and on... Bars, drinking, and men are only part of the experience. And very rarely that fulfilling...

Monaga said...

Response to two of the last points. One, I don´t know where the spyware is coming from, I didn't have any problems with the video.

The other point about the curfew. If you have been reading the posts on this blog then you would´ve been aware of what has been going on. I can´t speak for the other Americans, but I have not tried to stay¨"quite" to trick anyone about coming here. Again, read the blog and the comments and you will see that I talked about what was going on.

Slow curtain. The End!

Mario Sessions said...

Don't for get about....San Cristobal, Haiti, and Monte Plata. Just to name a few. Anthony I will see you at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Dear Just Got Back From DR, you don't know what you are talking about. If all you do is hunt dick and walk the conde, then you would be bored without the curfew. As for the expats not talking about the curfew, that is a lie, every blog has mentioned the curfew and even given you alternatives as to how to deal with it. So miss "want to be in SDQ fulltime" why don't you "Not Talk" cause you don't know.

Anonymous said...

so the americans living there are the reason your vacation was boring?

Anonymous said...

Mario....Do you mean Haiti the country? Have you gone there recently? I'm interested because I'd love to return to the country I used to visit a lot from the 70's to early 90's.

How I remember Artur Rouzier and the Panorama Guest House!

Or perhaps you are referring to Los Haitiens the national park in DR? (I'm not sure I've got the spelling right.)

Let me know if you've been to the real Haiti recently.


maanga said...


Anonymous said...

An unprecedented scene in Dominican history occurred this Monday morning when 1,037 National Police agents –some assigned to various Government agencies while others who were just collecting a paycheck without working- returned to regular duties.

National Police chief Bernardo Santana had warned that it those agents failed to report in today, they could face charges of desertion and a disciplinary court.

In addition to the over 1,000 already rejoining their ranks, almost 100 more are expected to return from their prior assignments today.

In any other country a police officer would have been fired long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I just left the DR and its all been sugar coated here on this blog and in some newspapers. You will be picked up and questioned at the police station and held for hours if caught on the streets after 12am or 2 am on the weekends. Their are no food to buy after 12 even in the hotels. In other words its a vacant city after those hours even the homeless people find cover. So I advise you to re-think your vacation or plans. As for Leon I saw him Monday looking a some building in the Colonial Zona

Anonymous said...

Cases of lynching and other types of aggressive mob behavior have increased recently, to the detriment of alleged thieves and muggers. As the government tries to reduce the crime rate through restrictions on liquor sales and distribution, and random searches, there is an increased incidence of mob violence directed at suspected criminals. Several recent cases testify to the fact that citizens are taking the law into their own hands. On Saturday, in the El Alamo sector of Manoguaybo, two people were stabbed and shot after allegedly assaulting a "motoconchista" (motorcycle taxi driver) in an attempt to steal his motorcycle. The incident occurred at 10:00 in the morning when two men mounted the cycle and one of them stabbed the driver, who was then taken to the local hospital by his workmates. Onlookers and other motoconcho drivers caught one of the two individuals and only police intervention prevented him from being beaten to death. A similar situation developed in the San Juan Bosco area of Santo Domingo, when Joel Santos and another person were riding a motorcycle, and swiped a pocketbook from a woman driving an SUV. The robbers fled, but the woman took off after them, and rammed the motorcycle near La Esperilla Street. Bystanders, including some local taxi drivers surrounded the thief and one of them shot him. His accomplice managed to escape on the cycle. Last Wednesday, a man who had stolen a cell phone and RD$2,000 from a woman was lynched by a mob in Las Caobas. At the motoconcho stop at El Alamo, one driver was heard saying: "You have to kill them, because later on they say there was no proof, that they have to let them go because of the new law"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the annoymous posters are those in the DR If I was a driver I would have the left the city and for you stupid sissies who think a vacation is all about dick no wonder so many of you are a dying breed.
The nightlife in the DR was horrible. I stood 3 nights in Juan Dolio resort and that was the height of my 7days in the DR. Since this blog is about the Dominican Republic I would of thought that those who live there would of been more giving as to say this is not the best time to visit and if you can, put if off. Glad i cut my trip short and paid the penalty with the airlines to leave. All is not lost back to work tomorrow and then labor day cruise to Hawaii.
DR is off my list for a long time. For those who think that dick hunting and el conde is what a vacation is about, get-a-real-life.

Monaga said...


Okay, I'm trying (!) my best not to write something that will just blast folks, but ...

For those anonymous posters who think that this blog, or anyone living here is somehow responsible for your vacation being boring you are sadly fucking mistaken.

Now, if you had read this blog, along with the massive amount of other information found on the internet, you would have found that there were many people who commented about what was going on. You then would be able to make the decision that is best for YOU. It is not my job, nor any other American that lives here to make sure your vacation is fabulous, it is YOURS.

You didn´t read here about clubs closing earlier, restaurants, etc.? The information is out. But, you still decided to come. Now how in the fuck is that the "Americans" living here fault?

For those planning a vacation here in the future, YOU need to decide whether it is in your best interest to still come or not. Do your own research, ask questions and then make an informed decision.

Lastly, and sometimes I have to say this again for those who are not familiar with this concept, this blog is about MY experiences here.

Thanks for reading. Now back to your scheduled programming.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Sounds like Ms. Anthony didn't have her usual 2 boxes of donuts with her coffee this morning!

Julian Cruz

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Pull yourself together Anthony. Dont stress the small stuff! Now go eat some donuts..LMAO!

Monaga said...

No, to the contrary, I had two lovely bowls of cereal this morning. I read all kind of shit that people comment here about and there are some days when my medication hasn't kicked in properly when I feel that I have to weigh in.

Sometimes I have to call the meeting to order and bang the gavel.

You do understand, don´t ya?

Nena said...

ooooh, I thought we were talking about "Is Castro Dying"? and how it would affect the other caribbean islands and tourism specifically Puerto Rico y la republica Dominicana

We can have breakfast together Anthony and chit chat~

Seeya in SDQ!

Nena Nuyorican~

Mario Sessions said...

So that mean you will have your 2 cans of CAT food the kids say you have to eat for lunch?

J.F.W.Y (Just F^&*&ing With You)


Monaga said...

Okay Nena, see you tomorrow.

But remember, if you have a boring time I don´t want to hear no shit!


Mario Sessions said...

Anthony, I left my twister game over there, give it to NeNa that should past the time


Anonymous said...


I sincerely think that this BLOG is GREAT! The topics are thought provoking, the comments range from VERY informative, to down right hysterically funny! I love it. This blog has characters, and regulars. Its sometimes a mini soap opra! Anyway Mr. Anthony keep up the good work. This is fantastic stuff your doing.


Anonymous said...

Your Blog is RESEARCH Anthony. It appears that going to the DR is a big ole ugly BUST! Actually, you should be telling people the TRUTH. A good time will not be had, except for people like Mario Sessions, who have Dick lined up and is well researched. New venturers will be in for a rude awakening.

I'm disappointed in your approach. Seriously.

Monaga said...

Sweety, I´m afraid you are missing the point. I will respond once more, then I´m done.

My blog is to write about what I want. I have written about the curfew relentlessly.

This topic is subjective. There are folks here now who are having a good time. Obviously you and some other people didn´t. That´s life.

I´m sorry you´re disappointed. Like Jack Nicholson said, "YOU CAN´T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

On that note I´m done, and this topic is closed.