Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miss Me?

It's been a minute since I posted something. I was sick as hell the last couple of days. I guess it was the flu. All I know is that on Sunday I didn't have the strength to pick up the phone. Started feeling much better on Wednesday. I gotta get a flu shot!

Well, let's see, what's been going on?

Last Friday and Saturday nights went with David to hang out in Jay-Dee's to see what the strippers were like. Very nice crowds on both nights. Saturday night had a group (40+) from Chicago in the house and there were at least 6 strippers to whet their (along with everyone else) appetite. Nothing like beautiful young men to get everyone's juices flowing. (For those so inclined, photos are located below.)

The buzz now in the country is that we are going to be on a strike for the next 48 hours. A lot of DRama going on because the President announced that they were going to be reworking the tax laws again and everyone from business leaders, unions, civil servants and just plain folk are worried about how much more they are going to have to pay and for what? It is a mess. The country is building a subway that it can ill-afford, at the same time many parts of the country are experiencing crippling blackouts. Politicians! What can you do? Well, most Dominicans are saying let's shut the country down for 2 days to let the government know how seriously people are fed up with what is going on. Should be interesting.

Note: LP has informed me that they will not be doing Dominican Island Heat this year. With all the drama with the curfew and other projects he and Kenny are working on, they decided to pass this year.

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Nena Nuyorican said...

In August I seen the drilling for the subway on M.Gomez. As much floods, outages and the will they deal with that subway system (keeping it cool under ground, the blackouts, the floods).....more wasted money but again how can I judge what the gov't thinks is best for their country and city.

Anonymous said...

I miss your blogging more Anthony!