Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As you can tell by now, I like strippers a lot. Last Saturday saw 2 new strippers for the public's viewing pleasure @ Jay-Dee's. There was one new stripper who I swear photos don't do justice. He is a "natural" stripper, if there is a such a thing. All I know is that he put the audience under his spell and then began to make love to everyone. He got naked and teased the crowd mercilessly, bringing the energy to a fever pitch. After he was done, he wrapped a small towel around his penis and walked off the stage. He was so great the crowd didn't want him to leave, so he came back out and serviced his many new fans. Whew! That is a skill you can't teach. My camera is broken, and I was using someone else's and it didn't have a charge, so I got a couple of shots.

Strippers again this Friday and Saturday @ Jay-Dee's. Did I mention that I just love strippers?!

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Mario Sessions said...

Seem like you had a nice night Anthony, I wish I was there but I'm in Tampa Fl. for Thanksgiving. Oh i'ts about that time to plan my B-day Event in Santo Domingo so get ready March 8-12 2007. www.santodomingodirect.com