Saturday, February 10, 2007

Grand-Opening of Cha!

A couple of weeks ago when I saw Chachita Rubio, and she told me about her opening a new club, I thought ... why?

She had been part of the group who gave us the short-lived, Rouge. Then there is this dreaded curfew. The crowds are fickle. Taxes have been raised on the populace, etc., etc. Why would anyone want to put that much money and their reputation at stake? Chachita feels that Gay nightlife should be more than what we are being offered. And I think she should be celebrated for trying to offer other alternatives.

When I saw Chachita on Thursday afternoon, she gave me an invitation and told me to get there early because it was going to be packed. I thought okay, but Dominican crowds don't show up until 2 hours before closing. I get there a little after 11pm, and there is a long line to get in. I could see that the place is packed through the glass windows, and there was a go-go boy show going on right as I was standing in line. DAMN!

Now, I could have waltzed up to the door, as I had a special invitation. But, I was with a group and I always like to be among the "little people." I'm glad I stayed in line. I could here the conversations and people watch, and the anticipation of those on line was palpable.

First, as you can see from the pictures, the club is beautiful and lit up on the outside. Cars were straining to see what was going on as they passed, which created gridlock. All that was missing were the searchlights that are used at movie premieres. Inside was a very eclectic crowd. There were Gays, straights, society matrons, models and some really attractive men.

The place was packed and it was hot inside. But, the music, the show, the go-go dancers and all made me forget about it. The show was spectacular, a number from the play/movie Chicago. The applause and stomping of feet was thunderous.

At 1:45am, the lights went up, and people started to file out slowly. No one wanted to leave. The front of the club is a great spot to sit and just chat and people-watch. It was getting late and I wanted to rush home and write this review while it was still fresh.

What a night! What a opening!

I wish Chachita Rubio all the luck in the world. She told the crowd that God willing, this place will be open for a long time. She wanted to give the gay community something they could be proud of. They will be opening on Sunday's, from 4pm and there will be RD$50 peso drink specials. Why hasn't anyone else thought of that????

Of course, dear readers, I will be keeping you posted as to the goings on of Cha.

As ever,
Monaga Blogger

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Urbane Concepts said...

Great write up Anthony. Reminds me of the old time NY openings. I think it was great that you covered it. Gives hope that there is still something to look forward to in SD. I wish her all the luck in the world. I wonder how many people she had to pay off for the opening to go off without a hitch...that we could see?