Tuesday, February 13, 2007


People are still buzzing about the great opening for Cha. Let's hope they can continue the momentum. Jay-Dee's doesn't seem like it missed it a beat at all this past weekend. Very nice crowds on both Friday and Saturday. I have not heard how Arena did this past weekend. Sunday @ Cha's was quite busy I here. What with the RD$50 peso Presidente's from 4-8pm, I can see why. It probably doesn't hurt that it is free to get in before 8pm on Sunday. Let's see what Arena is going to do to counter this?

Some time ago I wrote about a new "gay Dominican magazine" that was making its debut. It was/is called Vida Fabulosa. After the premier issue it has disappeared. The issue was quite a letdown. After all the buildup and talk, I was expecting something different. Don't get me wrong, I think a magazine is a great idea. Unfortunately, what was finally put out was not very good and all the promises of "major" advertisers, and a grand party for the launch, among many other promises, never materialized. No one knows what is going on. I have been advised that emails and phone calls are not being returned. Shame.

Last week, I went to La Casa Rosada. It was great to go back and see the kids again. I went with someone who had sent down lots of toys for Christmas, but had never been to the facility. As always, the staff were gracious and kind, and took my friend around on a personal tour. We were told that none of the children living at the facility have died in the last 2 years. The only deaths were children who were brought to the facility who were already gravely ill. Also found out that several of the children have been adopted. What a great blessing. Their most pressing need, as always, is food. Great visit.

Where as in the U.S. MySpace is very popular, here amongst the Dominicans, it is Hi5. There are thousands of Dominicans (U.S. & D.R.) listed and you can meet some really great people. Go sign up and check it out.

Over the last couple of months the country of Panama keeps coming up. Several people I know have been for a visit. It seems that more people I know are going to Panama, and quite a few are liking what they see. One thing for sure, they know how to cultivate people to come and live there. If you checkout the website they do everything to make it easy for you to come there and purchase property without all the drama. Oh yeah, the currency is in U.S. dollars, which for us Americanos is a good thing. You can also drive to Costa Rica & Colombia, which is another place I have been getting some good info on. Have any of you visited Panama? If so, what did you think about the place? Do tell ...

Okay, that's all I can think of right now.

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Anonymous said...


Do you think something like that would normally happen in the D.R.?

Anonymous said...

I go to both Panama and DR. I like both equally but for different reasons. Panama City has a american vibe going on. Will email with more info. Should definitely go and see it personally.