Thursday, February 08, 2007

Junior by Paul Culver

Here are some beautiful photos that Paul Culver took of a model named, Junior. Paul doesn't think the pictures came out too well. What do you think?


T-D Moderator said...

I see what he means. The model is absolutely gorgeous, but the lighting and shadows sort of effect the overall appearance.

Isn't Junior featured in the Enrique Cruz video to be released next month?

Anonymous said...

Just one question. Does Paul Culver need an assistant? I would be willing to assist, AND for free.

Anonymous said...

I have seen better by Mr. Culver. This said, having met Junior personally, he looks good however he is posed. But I do like the pics in the yellow briefs better than the ones in the blue bikini.
From Puerto Rico,

Anonymous said...

Absolutly excellet pictures. Paul, keep up the great work. And the model is great looking too.

Anonymous said...

Dios mio! That boy is packing and has a butt to die for!