Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday on the Malecon with Paul

As I sit here and write this, I notice that there is a 75 degree difference between the tempature here and in NYC.

I'm just sayin ...

Every Sunday, the Malecon (seaside boulevard) in Santo Domingo is closed to traffic past Maximo Gomez. There are many people about enjoying the weather, playing basketball, eating, and just having a great Sunday.

Our intrepid photographer, Paul Culver, thought he would take his camera over and checkout the sights. He stumbled upon some guys in contest to see who could bike and run the fatest. Here are some of his images below:


Anonymous said...

SHADY! Just rub it in, put salt in the wounds

CLOAKED said...

Anthony, right now its 16 degrees at 10:16 pm feels like 5 and in the morning it will feel like -2 below and you post some Sh&^t like this!. Ok rub it in but when I land in that country in 31 days I will kiss the ground trust me on this.