Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mario Sessions

Mario Sessions had a great birthday celebration last Saturday, at Jay-Dee's. Unfortunately, I (nor Mario) didn't get any great photos, but here are a couple. There was a couple of very hot strippers, escpecially Rey, who danced for the first time.

There is a new party taking place this weekend. They were passing out business cards at the opening of CHA. They have a Hi5 page for information (Spanish).

Delta Airlines will be flying from Fort Lauderdale to Santo Domingo, starting June 7, 2007. Ah, competition.

Dominican Designer Bringing Sexy Back


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday... now hit the gym!


Thanks for the birthday comment I would comment on the Gym part but I've cross the road into a new me.(42) You will understand if and when you get there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mario, Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it this year.
Peace, Scott~

Dwayne said...

Sup Mario,

Sorry we missed it this year.. but glad to see you had fun.. Peace Dwayne (DC)