Monday, March 26, 2007

Que lo que?

Okay, what's been going on lately?

Well, let's see ...

Arena is still closed. I have spoken with the manager, Kelvin, and he confirmed that the place was closed after the police came in and searched the place. They found 2 people who were 17 years-old, and just like that, CLOSED. They are trying to fight it, but Kelvin says that Arena will probably be closed for at least 6 months. This story is amazing, because places are closed here all the time for all types of infractions. There was even a club some months back where a patron was killed. It wasn't closed for 6 months, though. I just think the owners don't have the stomach to keep putting up with all the drama. I wish Kelvin the best. He is such a nice guy.

CHA is still open and still packing the crowds in. Jay-Dee's is still going strong, but it is hit and miss on some nights. Right now, there is a feeling of blah in the gay club scene here in Santo Domingo. Hopefully it will all change for the better, and real soon! I'm hearing about some after-hours places, but of course I can't put their business out there.

I have also been hearing about this new intimate place in the Colonial Zone, where some Gays are congregating. It is called Esedeku. It is NOT a Gay place, but from all I have been told, it is a nice place to have a drink. Why not check it out on your next visit?

I wrote about the future Dominican Supermodel, Deilín Sanz, a couple of entries back. What I forgot to put in is the link to the new magazine where he is the cover model, Dominican Life Magazine. Here's wishing them much success!

And from Dominican Life Magazine, I found out about a restaurant in Manhattan, called A Dominican Thing. It is located in the heart of the Chelsea, and was started by 2 Dominican women. They were even written up in the NY Times.

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Finally, this is not related to the DR, but to the human race. I had in passing heard about the little boy who was missing from Brunswick, GA., Christoper Barrios, Jr. I then heard about how he was found dead. More disturbing was how he died. I just can't understand how anyone could treat any human being like this, let alone an innocent 6 year-old child. Just when you think you have heard and seen it all, you hear about something like this. Just horrible.

Rest in peace, Christopher Barrios, Jr.

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