Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cassandra Awards

This past Tuesday, the Dominican artistic community celebrated its own with the annual Cassandra Awards. The ceremony took place at the beautiful Teatro Nacional (National Theater). The awards were really nice and living here now I know who many of the people are. I also know a quite a few makeup artists and hair folk who were extremely busy on Monday and Tuesday. The show itself was really beautiful and very professional. The highlight, for me at least, were some of the "outfits" some of the guests showed up in. Too funny!

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Anonymous said...

Hi There, very elegant and classy social gathering. Some really colorful and beautiful gowns and Ladys wearing them, with hour glass figures. Enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing. Jim from Houston

Anonymous said...

OMG! What were most of these women (and a few men) thinking? Where did they find such horrendous dresses? With such a fabulous designer of their own: De La Renta, you would think that they would have developed a sense for high fashion by now but apparently NOT!

bonche said...

If you liked these pictures, you're going to love these ones from Premios Casandra