Friday, March 30, 2007

Abortion in the Dominican Republic

Abortion is illegal in the Dominican Republic, like in most other Caribbean and Latin American countries. The only exceptions are Cuba and Guyana. Recently, there has been a lot of debate about the issue here after several places suspected of performing abortions were raided.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, this is a very sad message they are sending to there countrymen and women. I am aware of most people there are Roman Catholic but when it comes to a natural abortion there is a physical reason why the body responds to that.The fetus may be deformed or even dead within the women uterus, so the responce to these unwanted conditions is to abort the fetus, in a natural way, so there are many ways of looking at the huge Problem and concern over there in Santo Domingo, only a doctor (pathologist) can tell you this for sure but there is other considerations besdies going to get an abortion, guess that is the point I am trying to make. I did look for a place to send a e/mail to the powers that be over there, but could not find such an avenue, sorry about that. Hope your well and look forward to seeing you in the near future, if god is willing and the creek don't rise lol later, Jim from Houston

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, and some beautiful people, but will someone please correct me if I'm wrong....I don't see any dark-skinned Dominicans except for the two party-crashers. Maybe by showing so much dark skin and trying to crash the party they are making a point?????

Just wondering.......


Anonymous said...

Whoops!!!! Sorry, Anthony. My comment on the party crashers was intended for your "Cassandra Awards" post. Perhaps it makes a little more sense there. Can you transfer it?