Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter/Semana Santa

Haven't had Internet for almost a week, and I still don't have Vonage. Some glitch with the phone company, Claro/Codetel. No longer is it called Verizon.

Easter Week in the Dominican Republic is known as Semana Santa. This holiday, in my estimation, is bigger than Christmas here. During this week the beach and resorts are packed full of Dominicans taking a break from everything. Most businesses (including the neighborhood Colmado) are closed today. The clubs/bars can open at Midnight or later. Will be very interesting to see if anyone is out this evening. Aside from the march to the church, it has been very quiet around here.

Hillary & Bill Clinton are vacationing in Punta Cana, at the luxury villa of Oscar de la Renta. The Clintons have been vacationing in the DR since 1999. I guess after all that running around trying to be President, it can take its toll on you. Anyway, we love having Hillary (and Bill!) here. If you are ever in Punta Cana, check out the resort they stay at. Just lovely.

Al Horford, who plays on the University of Florida Gators Basketball Team, is a Dominican. They recently won the NCAA Basketball Championship. Also on the team is Joakim Noah, who is the son of Yannick Noah, former Tennis Champion.

L.P. and G.C. came down and brought tons of toys, clothes and most importantly, bought a lot of food to donate to La Casa Rosada.

There is a new Dominican movie coming out called Yuniol. Checkout a clip here.

First Dominican Student Conference is taking place soon at Yale University. Click here for more information.

Olympic hurdler, Felix Sanchez, is gearing up for the Summer Season of Track and Field.

Hatian-Dominican activist, Sonia Pierre, is in jeopardy of having her Dominican citizenship revoked.

Internet Gambling guru arrested at hotel in Santo Domingo.

Lastly, a warning to those who have an apartment here in the DR that they rent out. Recently, some friends of mine who have an apartment in the Colonial Zone rented out their apt. in a very nice condominium. The person, who was recommended by mutual friends, was a guest from hell. He was supposed to be in the apt. by himself, he ended up having 2 additional people there. They upset the building having unlimited guys stopping by at all hours. The apartment was destroyed. From items broken, to the couch being written on. To top it off, he left and didn't pay anything. The moral to this story? Get a deposit, and make sure you have someone watching your place, and if all else fails, throw their asses out onto the street!


the Allen gallery said...

Hey Anthony! I hate/love when you take a while to post; I miss the frequent updates but you always come back with a tray full of tidbits!

It's funny because I didn't realize Dominicans went to the resorts for vacations. Thought it was just us sun starved foreigners.

As far as the guest-from-hell goes, that was always one of our biggest concerns when we were looking for spots. Hopefully, the condo owner at least has the renters credit card info to bill back the damage.

Anonymous said...

this is an fyi only (might be old news by now: