Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Que lo que?

Everything is fine here. Just been really busy. Trying to figure out something to write has been duanting. Everything here is pretty much the same.

While I write this it is raining so hard there is a small river running down the middle of the street. I guess the rainy season is now upon us. That means hurricane season can't be far behind.

There is a new trip being planned called Dominican Heat. Not Dominican Island Heat, just Dominican Heat. Imagine my surprise when receiving the link to the site and seeing photos taken from my website. There was some confusion, but after talking to the gentleman behind this endeavor, Renard (sp?), everything worked out fine. Here's wishing the folk behind Dominican Heat the best of luck.

Oh yeah, Leon Lands' sentencing has been postponed until July 2007.

Sorry, that's all I can think of right now.


Anonymous said...

Damn! Who are these people? Thanks for writing this because I just got a flyer on this event and thought it was the same people as two years ago. Why would they pick a name like that? I would be pissed the fuck off if I sent my money thinking it was the same people. Are these black people? No information about who they are on the website. Deep!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and they want your credit card information? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Has been to far and few in between your Blogs. It seems as though you are 'Over It' in a way. Whats up with you? 16 days is a very long time not to have blogged papi. Most Blogs are done EVERYDAY. Your Blog has always had great insight, depth, and some humor . You are a wealth of experience. And I know you have plenty to say. Whatever it is just say it! You may be helping others in your situation. JUST TALK, say whatever comes to mind. I'm not professing to know of any situation papi, I'm simply saying Good or BAD just talk to us, about whatever! Get you head in the game and Do what you do best! Get your head in the game, you started this damn thing, NOW KEEP IT GOING :)

Do not make your people wait more than 2 days for an entre from you.

Anonymous said...

Applause (insert clapping sound here)...well said. I mean, well written!

Anonymous said...

YES, I concur GET YOU HEAD IN THE GAME! Start bloggin on a regular basis. We miss you!

Anonymous said...

I know you are in the Dominican Republic, but I think its safe to assume that all your Blogs dont have to be DR related. Simple opinions about life, love, winning, and losing would surfice. I remember reading at some point on this blog, that you wanted to write a book. Maybe this is a good way to get your juices flowing again. I agree with the others above, TALK ABOUT WHATEVER. Be thought provoking. How about you opening a discussion on skin color issues down in DR, or the lack of focus on education in DR. Or how Blacks in DR are 3rd class citizens. Or lets all kick around the fact that many Black Americans go online and refer to themselve on Adam4Adam, Manhunt, Men4Now ect ect and refer to themselves as 'MIXED' when they are not? Why are African American men seem to be ashamed of their Blackness? Those are topics to talk about. You blogs (when you blog) are very informative, and many times entertaining. You should get back to that! Good luck Bro in all your endeavors. Hope to see you getting back to blogging on a regular again.

No offense to my African American Brothers, it was just my observation.


the Allen gallery said...

Miguel, these are verrrry interesting topics for discussion. In case Anthony doesn't share your observations on the above topics, can you write about them?

If you do, please post the link to ur blog.

Thanks. Allengallery.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, I have been let down by many, many men in my long life. Please don't you let me down, too. You gotta blog more often!

Anonymous said...

These comments are fierce. Ant, i love reading the site and i hope that you keep it up. But if you do not i will understand. Do yo thing and keep it real.


Anonymous said...

I thought this blog entry was about Dominican Heat and the torrid rains. How the hell did it get on the subject of Anthony blogging more? There are links on this blog with alot of great info you can get everyday. I am really surprised about all these comments telling this man what to do with his time. Notice no one suggested payment for his time. Hmmmm. I guess as long as it is free we demand more.

I know, I know...that's how it works in the Gay Black World.

Anonymous said...

uh, the comments have been light hearted and in the spirit of helpfulness. Why so angry?

Anonymous said...

That chile is an angry, deranged black women! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well! And what bug crawled up your ass this morning? Where does it say that we have to write only about Dominican Heat? Most of us have been responding to ANTHONY'S comment that he hasn't been posting as much. HE brought up the topic! So, take your meds, dear, and let's look at things on a lighter note as somebody already mentioned. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...


This is YOUR BLOG. These ho's don't know what it feels like being you. If you don't wanna write.


Fuck these bitches, all they really want to hear about is dick. That shit gets real boring fast. Sometimes you just get tired.

I know of MANY bloggers that have shut down operation because .....well because they simply got tired of it.

If you are over it for a while IT'S O.K.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that to the last post. Seems like those people calling the person that commented a "deranged black women!" that really wasn't necessary. IMHO

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! The evilness, the name calling and the cursing is simply mind boggling! Such a display of anger and foul language just because some of us would like Anthony to blog a bit more is totally uncalled for. Anthony, dear, when you get your groove back, maybe you can tell us what made you decide to move to SD. Maybe you can tell those of us who are thinking of making the move to SD what to be careful of and so on. Maybe where would be the best place to get an apartment and rental costs, etc. You know, of course, all in your own good time.
From Puerto Rico,