Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Now, where was I?

The dream my grandmother had for me is for me to find some nice white folks to work for. It's a shame she didn't live past 1963. She would see I found some really nice white folks ... who work for me.
Oprah Winfrey @ Howard Univ. Commencement Speech 2007

When I was thinking about something to write for this next entry, I stumbled on Oprah Winfrey giving the commencement speech @ Howard University this past weekend. I thought it was very moving and hit all right notes perfectly. She talked about finding out who you are, FIRST. Find out what you are meant to do, and then no matter what anyone else says, pursue it. I wish I had the courage and the mental capacity to understand that message when I was in my 20's.

The last blog entry got me to thinking. Why is it that I don't blog as much as I used to? Honestly, I already knew the answer. I went back to look at some of my earlier posts, and many were my personal feelings, or my observations. The problem is that I received a severe backlash from it. Close friends would call to tell me something, but the first thing they would say is, "now, don't put this in the blog." It really got on my fucking nerves, because first, I have never, ever done that. And second, most of the time it was something that nobody cared the fuck about ANYWAY.

The other thing is that I would write about my take on the gay scene here. Specifically, as it relates to the gay tourists visiting. So anytime I write about some of the things I've seen or experienced here, immediately there would be those that think that I'm referring to them. That somehow I am trying to spread their business around. Seeing as I manage an apartment building that caters to tourists, and many gay tourists, I don't want people who stay with me to feel uncomfortable, or worry that their exploits will be chronicled here. I wouldn't want my exploits chronicled, so I'm not about to put anyone else's out there.

I was having a conversation with a group of people the other day. One of them I have known for over 15 years. During the conversation he was telling the assembled this and that, and then turned to me and said, "right Anthony?" My look said it all. It reminded of an old black & white movie I saw many years ago. I can't remember the name of it, but I do remember the storyline. It was about a woman who came from poor childhood (Brooklyn?), and she claws her way up the ladder, marries well and makes it to Park Avenue. One day she sees a friend from the old neighborhood and invites up her to look at how grand she's living. While the friend is there some society types stop by. Over the mantle on the fireplace is a grand picture of an old dowager. The society types marvel at the picture, and the woman turns to her old friend and says, "you remember mother, don't you?" The friend says, "I remember your mother, but who's the dame in the picture?" My friend and I, who is know for embellishing a smidge, had a loud laugh about the conversation. The moral of the story is when you have decided to change your life story, make sure everyone is in on it. LOL!

There is a new documentary coming out, The Price of Sugar. It is narrated by Paul Newman. It is a very controversial documentary here, because it deals with the treatment of the Hatians that work in the sugar industry. The priest at the center of the documentary was railroaded out of the country, and with a quickness.

You remember last year I wrote about an article that appeared in the local paper discussing the gay scene in Santo Domingo? Well, I have been able to find a PDF so you can see it. Okay, yes it is in Spanish. But if you're interested in the DR, or things Hispanic, you are going to have to pick up a few words in Spanish. Or, at the very least go to Google and translate a bit. If that fails, you can look at the pictures.

For those looking for something to do when visiting the Santo Domingo area, one of the things I suggest is a daytrip to Isla Saona. I found a nice video about it here on YouTube. Okay, I have been overdosing on YouTube lately. Here is another video about a gym and some bodybuilders in the DR. The video that is at the bottom of the entry is a video about Manny Ramirez and another younger Dominican player named Tavarez. Very homoerotic, but to me the funniest part is listening to the announcers. The other one I listed is from the documentary Paris is Burning. It has to be my favorite scene from the entire film. Dorian Corey, the subject here, also caused a mini scandal when she died. When they went through her things they found a mummified corpse. Word was, it was a boyfriend she killed in the late 60's. I wish I could find the New York Magazine cover with, "The Drag Queen with a Mummy in Her Closet." Not only is this scene very poignant (and TRUE!), but I just love her last line. Enjoy!

Here is a little piece in the NYPost about Dominican bodybuilder, Victor Martinez.

I will continue the blog. Honestly, I'm scared that if I take some time off that will be it. I will just blog when I feel it and about what I feel. I read the comments and got some emails and I really appreciate all the feedback. Thanks for taking the time to check me out.

As ever,
The Monaga Blogger


Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony: Thank You for blogging again, see some of Us got used to getting fresh news about everything Dominican thru You, at least I feel that way and even though I don't know you in person, I still tell my friends about You and the move from Harlem to DR. Yes Darling You became our Model in DR. Thank You again for the news, Your friend Angel Lazaro from LI.NY.


He's back! the real Anthony I know is back. Like Sofia said in The Color Purple " Past those peas... Sofia is home"

"you are going to have to pick up a few words in Spanish. Or, at the very least go to Google and translate a bit. If that fails, you can look at the pictures" Anthony Montgomery

Anonymous said...

And then you wonder why we insist that you continue to blog! Thanks for your comments. You struck a cord with me when commenting on Oprah's speech and you said that you wish you 'had the courage and the mental capacity to understand that message when I was in my 20's.' Wow, you've spoken my thoughts. All the best!
New York

the Allen gallery said...

Paris is Burning.. so much of the beauty in this film are the candid moments like the clip below. Miss Dorian Corey!

The Manny Ramirez and his boyfriend clip... just tell me when the "after-the -game-shower-body lather" clip is released.

Anonymous said...

Whoopee! Applause! Yay! Hoot n'holler! Encore! Encore!

Anonymous said...

I love that video with Manny Ramirez and agree with the other comment about watching them soaping it up in the shower.

Thanks Ant for posting again. We missed you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just asking. What does Dorien Cory have to do with the Dominican?

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

Nothing. I just liked the scene. Sue me!

Anonymous said...

To the A-hole who asked the question re: Dorian - could you just get outa your shallow self for one moment and see some of the nuances of life? After such a blog by Anthony, here you come with some trite question!!!!
Brien, NY

Anonymous said...

Anthony, this is why I love your blog and love seeing you on my many trips to Pinga Island.