Thursday, May 17, 2007


Several of the Dominican blogs (along with DR1) are reporting that one of the missing soldiers in Iraq is of Dominican descent. His name is Alex Jimenez and he has a MySpace page which you can see here. Let's pray he makes it back home to his family safely.

The Byron, of Santo Domingo, has been writing on his blog that he had some major news he was going to share with everyone. One was that he was not going to be continuing his blog after May 31, 2007. The speculation after that went rampant. Was he moving back the States? Had he and Richard broken up? Well, I don't think anyone (least of which moi) could expect what he just announced. Check out his blog to see for yourself.

The newspapers are reporting today that 90 people have been killed in the last 45 days. There was even a rash of brazen robberies up in Las Terrenas (where a good friend is visiting now). I guess that the curfew hasn't cut down on crime very much. This curfew situation reminds me of the Bush Administration strategy of "stay the course." Nothing is improving, but we should keep the curfew.

Donald Trump is scheduled to visit our fair isle this week. He is coming to discuss his project at the luxury development, Cap Cana. This will be his first venture in the Caribbean. Even before Donald Trump got involved, Cap Cana was really an impressive enterprise. They just opened their glamorous new marina and Jack Nicklaus was here a few months ago inaugurating the golf course he designed. There is also a beautiful upscale hotel that should be opening shortly. As far as real estate investments go, the DR is hot!

Another spot that has been going through a transformation lately is Juan Dolio. There are so many new luxury develpments and villas being built, some are calling it Dominican South Beach. A major beach revitalization program just finished, and so many other things are planned and it is very exciting.

Mas Tarde,
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Anonymous said...

two days in a row....I love it keep writing, Sad news and all.

Anonymous said...

If you care to see more of the local news and TV reports regarding Alex Jiminez of Lawrence, MA you can go to: or go to for live video reports here in the Boston area.

By all accounts, Alex was a real great guy and a brave soldier. Let's hope he makes it out alive and in one piece.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad that Bush has sent thousands of young men and women to their deaths in this toatlly inmoral war over the control of the oil fields in the Far East. More than 50 Puerto Rican young men have also been killed. This is without adding the thousands upon thousands of civilians killed in those countries. In the end, the USA will have to get out as they did in Viet Nam and nothing good will have come of it.
From Puerto Rico,