Thursday, June 07, 2007

Now, Where Were We?

Since the last time we chatted it seems that most of the tourists have left town, and things are turning back to normal. I guess the next big surge will occur around July 4th holiday.

Been getting quite a bit of rain lately. Didn't really affect the capital to much, but some of the rural areas got battered pretty badly. Some towns are still struggling to get back on their feet.

Today (June 7), is a holiday here. Corpus Christi Day. Most things will be closed today, and quite a few people will be using it for the start of a nice long weekend. I never know when the holidays are coming. I always find out about them the day before. I need a Dominican calendar. All the buzz was that there would not be a curfew last night. NOT!

Last Saturday night, CHA's was robbed. Don't know all the details, but it seems that 4 guys slipped in with the regular crowd, and later robbed the cashier, while roughing someone up. Many stories are going around, but it was a little item in one of the newspapers. One of the guys was/is in the military. He was caught. Will try and find out more information.

One of the models Paul Culver shot (and who I have on the Monaga site) is featured in an upcoming movie from Enrique Cruz. I know none of the people who read this blog partake of any pornography, but I thought I would include a picture anyway. (The other picture below I threw in because he is also gorgeous)

A good friend of the blog, Stanley Bennett Clay, has a new novel out. It's called Looker. It's gotten rave reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, along with Clikque Magazine. Look for it in a bookstore near you.

There is a new service for those who want to save money on airline tickets. It's called
Yapta. You sign-up for this service and when you go to travel sites, like Expedia and such, it will alert you when the fare goes down. Another cool service they have is that if you have already purchased a ticket, you can put in the confirmation number to the site. If the airfare drops it alerts you and tells you how to get a refund or voucher. Very interesting site and could be revolutionary.

I don't know if many of you read the message boards on
DR1? But, they can be very informative. One of the topics that is really hot now is the crime problem. More specifically, as it relates to foreigners living here. There have been some brazen robberies on the Northcoast at hotels. Truth be told, there have been some brazen robberies in Santo Domingo, too. I know several apts. and businesses that have been robbed. So much for the curfew curbing the crime problem. Personally, I still feel safe. Crime can (and DOES!) happen anywhere, so I just stay careful. And if you're visiting here, you should too.

Byron has finally posted his last entry, but more importantly, he cleared up some misconceptions about his new baby. We'll miss the blogging, Byron.

Until soon,
The Monaga Blogger


Anonymous said...

Most of Enrique Cruz' "models" are fine, but where exactly does he find them? They certainly do not hang out at the bars/discos, so he must have a great network in SD. As to the young man that Paul Culver featured in one of his photo shoots, I never thought that he would do porn...that is, unless the price is right!
From Puerto Rico,

Urbane Concepts said...

Wow. Now that is alot to chew pun intended. Byron's story was very touching. It shows that love can be found anywhere. I wish him and his family well. As for Cha, I wish her well and hope that this event doesn't make her give up her dream. Thank God no one was hurt badly. The economy worldwide is bad despite what the papers say. As things get worse people get ugly. Let's hope things turn around soon. Thanks for another interesting entry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is affecting me on a personal level, but I have a friend who got mugged twice this year. Also, the business of a person whom I know got robbed. I know that these things happen at random, but the news seems to show an increasing trend. Just be careful, even when walking the Conde.

Anonymous said...

Mugged twice? In Santo Domingo? Was your friend a local or a visitor? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

A Dominican friend of mine was mugged at gunpoint by a public car driver and his front-seat accomplice about a year ago. They took everything and kicked him out at a remote spot nowhere near where the car was supposed to be going.

Also last year, an employee of one of our favorite hotels in SD was mugged two doors away from his house.

Locals are not immune!

Anonymous said...

This hold-up thing is a sorry statement of where things seem to be headed in SD. My Dominican boyfriend was himself robbed by a public car driver, another man and a woman who were traveling with him. They were all in it together. Luckily, he was not hurt. Very similar to what the other poster wrote.
From Puerto Rico,