Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Photo by Pedro Sosa
Last Monday, there was a general strike in most of the country. One of the reasons for the strike was to protest the lack of access to water in many areas of the country. The photo at the top captures some neighborhood kids trying to figure out how to get their water home.

A couple of days ago it rained buckets, but since the weather has been beautiful and breezy. At least in the shade. The city (Santo Domingo) is going around and cutting down some of the most beautiful trees. There has been mass outrage at this action, especially in the Colonial Zone, where they cut down some magnificent trees in Duarte Park (Padre Billini btw. Duarte & Hostos), which is where a lot of the residents (and Gays) gather. They have been replaced with Palm trees, which offer no shade. At least not yet. I don't understand the logic, and it seems neither do many residents. Here is an article about residents banding together to stop the slaughter.

Did you know that the Pan American games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro right now? If you were in the Dominican Republic you would be aware of it. The DR is doing very nicely in the medal count right now. Yudelkis Contreras, Dominican Weightlifter, won a gold medal. The Dominican National Anthem was the first played at these 2007 games. There is nothing like Track & Field, Gymnastics, Wrestling and Swimming, to make a summer day just drift by.

Bill Clinton flew into the country yesterday. He was here to stop by the Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital. His foundation donated money to the hospital for treatment of over 600 HIV-positive children. He was met at the airport by a throng of reporters, along with his friend, Oscar de la Renta.

Casa New Yorker is still open. It is being run by a former employee, Daniel. Same website, same information. If you would like to speak with them directly, call 809.689.3017.

For anyone in town this Friday, Ajoupa Galeria de Arte, in co-operation with the Hatian Embassy, is having an exhibition. Showcasing artists Michele Claude Garoute, of Haiti, and Wilson Abreu, of the Dominican Republic. The exhibition starts at 7:30pm @ Ajoupa Galeria de Arte, located at Calle Mercedes #255, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo. The phone number is 809.682.9134.

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