Wednesday, August 15, 2007


What I learned in the Dominican Republic

Highlights from Manhattan Dominican Parade 2007


Anonymous said...

Great article on "DR's Dark Secret" So true!

Anonymous said...

In "what I learned in the Dominican Republic" quote:
"Chi-Chis without the smell of fried chicken and Vaseline"
Does the Bar smell of Vaseline ?! May have check it out when in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I saw that comment as well and thought "Huh?"

While some observations in that post were valid, overall he strikes me as a very confused young man with some deep, deep, racial issues to work through (under the guise of other people's.) I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

Well, he doesn't sound confused to me. Sounds like he's got most of it right. Where are you coming from with the "deep, deep racial issues"? He may not be entirely correct about all Dominicans, but it seems to me he's got a lot worthwhile to say.

Here is Anthony's blog at its finest. Let's have a real, meaningful dialog on this, instead of attributing "issues" to a person who is courageous enough to speak his thoughtful mind.