Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gay or Ex-Gay?

I have said many times, there are no famous "out" people in the Dominican Republic. It is amazing, because I feel extremely comfortable here being Gay, but I know many Dominicans who are not. It is still taboo and many, many Gays here lead double-life. They just don't call it the "down low."

While catching up on some reading, I checked out the blog Blabbeando, where there is an interesting story of Jari Ramirez. He is a very popular host on television here. As I have written before, many men hosting the "pop culture" shows, seem to be effeminate. What can I tell 'ya, at least to me. Well Blabbeando has the full story, about his coming out, then several months later, giving the "lifestyle" up.

Coming out is very personal and can be difficult.

I wish Jari Ramirez the best.

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