Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Dr." Leon (Foreman) Land is Sentenced

Our nightmare is finally over. Leon Land has been sentenced.

A Swedesboro man was sentenced to a two-year prison term yesterday for using another man's identity to defraud Commerce Bank of more than $550,000, authorities said.

Leon Land, 39, pleaded guilty in January to two counts each of wire fraud and money laundering. Land, also known as Leon Foreman, admitted he received four loans from Commerce and funneled the money into a checking account by using a stolen Social Security number, said Greg Reinert, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie.

Land spent the money, defaulted on the loans, and fled to the Dominican Republic. Last August, FBI agents brought Land back to the United States to face charges. U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler ordered Land to pay $79,395 in restitution and serve three years of supervised release following his prison sentence, Reinert said.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Now, all we have to worry about is Hurricane Dean approaching our little oasis. Will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Who wants to supervise Leon when he is releases? Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Can you get your hair permed in jail?

Anonymous said...

Head rag, Man bag is up the creek without a paddle.

24 months at club fed, and 36 months supervised rel. at home, hmmm. 5 years for $550,000 hell i can do that. Gurl hand me your notes! Im sure I will not buy a big house in a 3rd world country, 3 cars, and the first gay bar in the DR, and change the name and color it pink! Thats FIZZ! Gurl there are other places to run and lay low and spend that money in the world!

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Anonymous said...

She got off EASY. Hell, she'll be back in DR in a few years. Hell, she might even get credit for time served for the time she was in jail before the trial.

CLOAKED said...

You are right its been about a year so he has about 8 months to go plus 3 years. I don't think he can come back to the DR.

Anonymous said...

Leon must have had one hell of a good attorney.....with credit for time served, he will be out soon.....I wonder whose social security number or credit card numbers he will use them....glad I never stayed at his guest house.....

Anonymous said...

39????? +15 or more!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Leon Foreman may have done some bad deeds, but one deed in raising me up as a child has been worth it. I am a better person because of that. So before you queens pass judgement look into your window and lets see how many stones have cracked your face

Darrell D. Dabney-Carter