Saturday, August 18, 2007


Read on that there was no curfew tonight, so I was ready to go shake my shimmy. But someone forgot to tell the business owners, because everything still closed at 2am. Maybe they rescinded the order because a hurricane is a comin.

It is 3:53am as I write this. Not raining, nada. Just checked the warnings, but the eye is passing well below the Dominican Republic. But, this is a category 4 storm, with winds of 150 m.p.h., so we're expecting a lot of rain, and I would guess some wind.

Went to the supermarket, and I'm ready for whatever is coming. Let me go batten down the hatches.

Until soon,
The Monaga Blogger


Anonymous said...

Anthony, a friend of mine was supposed to fly in today, but he got kicked off the plane because they cancelled the flights. The storm is 5 miles from being a Cat 5 and will be an unprecedented event for the densely populated Jamaica, which only experienced a storm at 135mph, which nearly leveled their island. I'll pray for everyone's safety there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony...Good Luck! I tried calling you at Camillo and on your cellphone around 11:00am (Dominican) this morning, and I can't reach any other friends down there. So I hope you're all hunkered down with a few warm bodies beside you.

Seriously, it doesn't need wind to do the damage....even the rains can be devastating, especially in the countryside. We have plans to spend a few days around Juan Dolio and eastward. I hope everybody comes out all right.

See you in two weeks! .....George

John K said...

Anthony, I'm sending wishes that you and everyone down in DR make it through the storm fine. Batten down and keep us posted when you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, Am praying for you all down there that this Hurricane does not do you much damage to a country who resources are already stretched to the limit.Am tracking this on our weather channel to see where it does hit.Hope those that could stocked up on the necessary things(battery's,can goods, bottle water and what ever else one could think of , espically ice if the power goes down ), one needs to get throught what could be a very destructive storm.Bless you all and I shall keep everyone in my prayers over there in good old Santo Domingo, just a beautiful country with loving caring people.It looks like it is headed right directly for Jamaica, could be defacing for them has well.Good luck and keep dry. P.S. Have some candles available has well, could come in real handy.Take care and keep us posted once it has passed by your country and we shall do the same here from Texas. Later, JIM from Houston, Texas