Monday, August 27, 2007

Hola, Mi Gente

I'm back.

I lookup, and its been a week since I last posted. This week was one of thos
e weeks where I was too busy experiencing life, and didn't have time to write about it. Until now. Great friends visiting, and having a great time. They leave soon,and other friends come down this week. Ah, to be blessed with good friends.

Hostos Center for Arts & Culture, along with Alianza Dominicana, is hosting Quijombo, a celebration of Afro-Dominican culture. The event takes place from October 3 - 7, 2007. Hostos Community College is located @ 500 Grand Concourse, in the Bronx. Go to their website for more information.

The day after Hurricane Dean, and the sun was shining. Seeing the Malecon being cleaned up of rocks and boulders, I get the sense of what the storm would've been like if we were on a more direct path.

Went dri
ving around to a couple of beaches, and as always, there was beauty everywhere. Even though the weather the last couple of days has been rain-heavy. Enough already. This is our punishment for being spared the hurricane. Oh, well. I'll take it ...

This week there was also a beauty pageant, held at the Jaragua Hotel. The Dominican Gay Mafia were out in force. It was very dark, so the pictures didn't come out well. But, great show and the production was top-notch. Can't wait for the Mr. Something Dominican Pageant. V.I.P. tickets, anyone?

With all the catching-up, drinking, cooking and just having some fun, Sunday night was a little more "planned." K.B., had his first dinner party at his beautiful Colonial Zone home. He whipped up some pasta and chicken for his ravenous guests. In between rain spritzes, we dashed up on the expansive deck and watched as a huge ship turned on a dime to get out of Santo Domingo's port.

What a way to end a weekend.

Okay, it is 3:58a
m. Got to go find something to do this week and write about.

Will I see yo
u next weekend in Santo Domingo?

Outrage at Attempt to Legalize Abortion in D.R.

Hip Hop in Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo (en Espanol)

Until Soon,
Monaga Blogger

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great time Ant. Great seeing you an all my friends there. thing...give me my photo credits next time. LOL

Black Pinga