Monday, August 20, 2007

Joy & Pain

Photo: Juan Montan
Today is a day for counting our blessings. Especially as I now read about what happened in Jamaica, and what is expected for Mexico, and possibly Texas. The Dominican Republic has not sustained a direct hit from a hurricane since Hurricane George, in 1998, which devastated the island. We really dodged a bullet.

While we here on the island were on hurricane watch, Marcos Diaz, the Dominican swimming world record-holder, swam around Manhattan. TWICE. All for a good cause. The swim was to benefit children with leukemia in the Dominican Republic, at the Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital in the capital of Santo Domingo. You can see Marco's final moments in the water here.

Congratulations to Marcos Diaz. He is an amazing athlete.

Now, for the part with pain.

When the hurricane was approaching the DR, many people went down to the Caribbean Sea to see the ferociousness of the waves and surf. When the waves would hit, they would bring up some crabs, who were scurrying about. Many people were scrambling to pick them up. One person, Daniel Sentil, a 16 year-old Haitian kid, was looking for crabs on the rocks, and either fell in, or was swept away into the sea. There is a video of it on YouTube. But be forewarned, it is disturbing.

So again, as I count my blessings, my heart goes out to the family of Daniel Sentil.

There is disagreement about whether something like this should be shown, or not, on YouTube.

You be the judge:


Anonymous said...

My sympathies and prayers go out to the Sentil family - tragic story.
I too would like to congratulate Marcos. As you traveled around New York City yesterday, across all the bridges, you could see the Dominican flag being waved as folks gathered to cheer him on. thanks for the post.

Luis Jerez said...


I came to your website by blabbeando. Interesting enough since you are writing it from the DR, the most righteous and non sexual country of the world. Of course I am kidding. Many dominican men will never admit loving sex with guys even when we are f***ing them right up there. I will link to you to come here more often.

Un saludo.

Anonymous said...

geez...I hope those people shooting the video were calling for help (it sounded like they made a phone call)...someone translate please.

my prayers are with the family of that child, RIP Son