Monday, October 22, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

What a great weekend.

It all started with the pending medical school graduation of an American friend I met here several years ago. After 5 years of school, he was leaving. I thought it would be nice to have a nice dinner with friends to congratulate him and send him off nicely.

On Friday, I went to his graduation.

Then, I remembered it was Ernest's and Jose's 16th anniversary. Another reason for a celebration. Then, Edward, a new Dominican friend had also graduated, and was moving to NYC to be a teacher. Okay. Why not expand the celebration. Then, I found out another friend, Kevin, would be celebrating his birthday the night of the party.

Hey, why not just have a party, just because we are alive and free?

So, the little dinner party for 10, had turned into a dinner party for 50.

I asked Keith B., who has a beautiful apartment in the Colonial Zone with a huge deck overlooking the water, if we could use his space. I promised he would not have to lift a finger, or pay for anything. On Friday, the day before the party, Keith was a little nervous that I had not made the arrangements for the food. I assured him all was well. Keith is not used to these "thrown together, last minute" functions. Keith is used to a more catered affair.

But, he didn't have to worry. It was a great success. The turnout was more than I expected. The food, booze, cake and stripper (I know, I just like strippers, sue me!) put everyone is a very good mood. I thought most people would leave before midnight. But we were still trying to get people to leave after 1am.

I want to thank all those who came, with special thanks to Keith, Ed P., Patricio, Tyson, Ernest & Jose.

A final congratulations/felicidades to Dr. Candler, Ernest, Edward, Jose and Kevin.

Let's do it again.



Paul said...

Wow!! Well rest up amigas, I'll be there in two weeks and we can do it all over again.

John K said...

Anthony, please pass on my heartfelt congrats to S, whom I've never met but have heard great things about (C and Victor met him), and to Ernest and José, who are so much fun! I hope we can all hang out again one of these days soon, and I love that you've been able to post regularly. They're always full of good stuff!