Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let's See ...

I am late in reporting this, but the government has confirmed that the curfew will be lifted from December 23, 2007, until January 2, 2008. For all those people who like to get their party on without restrictions, you should be making your reservations NOW.

The Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) has recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with the opening of a AIDS prevention/treatment center for residents in Monte Plata.

The majority of people in the Dominican Republic are tired of ladrones (thieves). Because of the corruption within the police ranks here, most don't feel like any justice will be served by letting the police handle things. In this video, recently shown on the news here, the neighborhood takes matters into its own hands, and kills the suspected thief.

Here is a really nice article about how an Americ
an family came to own a farm in the Dominican Republic.

Thinking about investing all your savings in the Dominican Republic? Read this.

Many exciting things coming up in the next few weeks and months. The Dominican Winter Baseball season has started, and Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is coming up in early November. There are many other things happening. For more information check out the calendar at DR1.

I got contacted by Juan N., of Club Kiddo to tell me about a single's weekend they are putting together (flyer above). It includes bus transportation from Acropolis Mall, goes for 2 night to a hotel in Bayahibe. Room, food, beverages and hotel amenities are included. Contact the email in the flyer for more information. (Note: I don't know this group, so proceed with caution.)

There is a new Gay cruise sailing out of NYC next year, Nubian Dreams. Go to their website for more information.

For those who are thinking about moving the DR, Stream International is looking for a few good people. They have ads in all the major newspapers.

Well, that's all for now.

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The Monaga BloggerOkay, I found these photos of some hot Dominicans online.

Now, that's finally it ...


Urbane Concepts said...

Thanks Anthony for the mention. Time for you to leave the island and come with us on the cruise.

Tony said...

Hola papi,

Me gusta mucho tu blob, papa. Visitare por la primera vez Santo Domingo con un amigo en deciembre. Busco una guia para ayudarnos a disfrutar la cuidad y la gente de Santo Domingo. Me puedes hacer una recomendacion?

Gracias! Un abrazo, Tonito (

Anonymous said...

Ay, papi! These guys are hot. Especially the one cooling off in the river!

Anonymous said...

hola papasito yo estare en snto domingo en febrero dejame un mensanje si quiere ser mi guiaturitico