Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Looking For an Apartment?

An apartment for rent on the Malecon for short (one-week minimum) and long-term stays. This luxury apartment has every thing you would expect.


Anonymous said...

cuantos cuesta por una semana?


Anonymous said...

Hola Anthony, What are their rates for a week stay? It seems very close to Malecon and/or the port.Thank You for keeping the page up to date. Your forever reader, Angel Lazaro from Long Island,NY.

Anonymous said...

Looks like one of the new Veiramar Apartment buildings on the Malecon. Must be veeeery expensive! Mucho dinero!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!...I don't even want to know how much!...Gotta start playing MegaMillions again!

Monaga said...

This apartment was just purchased by some friends. They are looking to rent it fully furnished and long-term for about $3000 (U.S) per month. But, until then, I am trying to persuade them to rent it for a week at a time.

Suites in surrounding hotels (Sofitel, InterContinental, Jaragua) go for $250-$350 per night. This apartment is 1800 square feet, and offers the following amenities:

2 Bedrooms w/en-suite baths
Guest Bathroom
Separate Office w/Daybed
Central Air-conditioning
Internet Access
Daily Maid Service
Gym/Sauna/Pool (in building)
24-hour Security
24-hour Electricity/Water
Daily Maid Service (Except Sunday)
Top of the line Appliances
Wrap-Around Terrace
Location, Location, Location
Views, Views, and more Views!

It can accommodate 4 people comfortably, and is located between 3 hotels (InterContinental, Melia & Jaragua).

I think a price of $300-$350 per night (all fees included) would be reasonable, for the discerning traveler.

Will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

I guess if you go with 4 or 5 people it may come out the same as a week at Jaragua...still I like my $55 a night hotels!