Monday, October 15, 2007

Malecon Libre

Every Sunday the Malecon of Santo Domingo is closed to traffic and people are out and about roller skating, flying kites, drinking beer and just having a good time. For many people, it is the only day of the week they get off from work. Yesterday was even better. A longer stretch of the Malecon was closed and more stages were setup for music and performances.

Just another beautiful "Malecon Libre" Sunday in Santo Domingo.

Will I see you on the Malecon next Sunday?

Note: CHA is now open until 1am on Sunday, and 3am on Friday and Saturday. They were approved by the Ministry of the Interior for the extension.


Anonymous said...

is the festival every sunday?
Thanks for the pix,

Monaga said...

Yes, it is every Sunday. It was just this past Sunday they expanded it and added stages and music. It is not like that every Sunday.

But, it is still very nice.


Anonymous said...

second guy from left is so HOT!!!!!