Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel

Colonial Zone street Monday @ 5:24pm
The worst is over. It stopped raining, but it is still a tad windy. I thought that I was only one that thought it was strange that there was no warning from the government about the approaching storm. According to many news sources, the country was caught off-guard.

No warning, no preparation, no NADA. I made it out fine. Spared by God's grace.

In other parts of the country, many people didn't fare as well. Many small towns are flooded, and the rivers are overflowing their banks. News reports are saying as many as 20 people have been killed.

The story for Haiti will be much worse, I'm sure. The country has been heavily deforested, and when storms like this come pass there is flooding and mudslides.

To make matters worst, most of the city was plunged into darkness for almost 20 hours.

A major tropical storm with no warning. Thank God it wasn't an actual hurricane.

Update: It is 8:45am on Wednesday, and it is STILL raining. And hard!!!!!