Thursday, November 01, 2007

Death & Destruction

Photos courtesy of Reynaldo Brito
I was sitting here thinking about how very inconvenient this storm was for me. The day after day of rain. And honestly, I got through this just fine.

I then start looking at the local news, along with reading other local blogs and looking at the pictures. There has been major damage to the country (mostly in the small towns). Over 40 people are dead, with many more missing. There are many bridges that have collapsed, so many towns are cut off from aid. Over 1200 homes have been destroyed. With many more under water.

And to think, this was "only" a tropical storm.

Associated Press Article


Anonymous said...

So sorry to see these hard times in the DR. Glad that you weathered the storm OK Anthony....God bless.

Anonymous said...

The first picture with the young man being bury alive, is a little to graffic. Not trying to censor the site, however there should be a little more respect for our decease, if in fact this young person has passed on. I enjoy your blog, much respect.