Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Storm passed and all seems to be well. Much flooding in parts of the country, but otherwise everything is fine. Seems to be many people coming down for Labor Day weekend. Also, hearing that ticket prices dramatically drop for those who purchase for travel dates ater September. In the meantime, just enjoy some eye candy I found.


Scott said...

Ah- Yummy. Thanks for the pics Anthony. Nice, very nice.

Glad to hear that the storm has passed. But sad to hear about the deaths in the DR as well as Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Please save the first guy for me. Gorgeous!

WhozHe said...

I miss the island.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in Pic 3 for me, but especially the cutie on the left!

Anonymous said...

Just writing a few lines to thank Anthony for putting up with my friends and me for 11 days! There were 4 of us staying at his place plus 2 new friends we made there. We had two birthday parties to which many people attended, most of whom we did not even know...bugarrones by the dozens also showed up. Apparently, word gets out that there is a party somewhere and you get a full house. In all, we had a great time and would do it all again in a heartbeat!
From Puerto Rico,
P.S. Now that jetBlue will start flying to SD from SJ we will finally get some reasonable rates on plane tickets! Thank God!

Anonymous said...

MY MY Anthony, are all these handsome studly men from the Santo Domingo area?? or are they from all over the country??? No matter, they look just so delicously hot they could start any one juices flowing.Thanks for sharing.Has for Rafael commets about Jetblue, I am extremely jealous but it's great for you,so do take advavtage of the lower cost for you to fly to the good Old Santo Domingo and par-take of there delights... SMILE JIM, From Houston,Texas