Saturday, August 16, 2008

Latest News

Many things happened (happening) today. There was a horrific bus accident on the highway between La Romana and Higuey. Over 20 dead, Local Dominicans and Italian tourists. Reuters has video.

This is also the weekend of President Fernandez's inauguration. Many heads of state will be coming to look on while Sr. Presidente is sworn in for his 3rd term (2nd consecutively).

Lastly, there is tropical storm Fay. She formed over the
Dominican Republic last night. The wind wasn't too bad, but the rain, rain and more rain was more than I could handle. Still raining off and on now, but it should be all out of here by tonight. God willing!


TY said...

I'm glad to hear you are well, the local news said that it was really bad and a few people drowned. How are the peeps in Baharona and Haina doing they have had such bad luck with storms in the past year? Glad to hear you are well Anthony. See you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

How sad about the bus accident. One of the busses was Jumbo Tours. Does anybody know which company owned the other bus?

A few years ago, I took Caribe Tours from SD to Sanchez. A beautiful, big, well-equipped Volvo coach. I swear we spent more time on the left side of the road than the right side. I prayed the driver knew what he was doing, but I wished he'd use his left foot a little more often.

Do they conduct serious investigations for the purpose of fixing blame in the DR?

WhozHe said...

I pray for the families who lost loved ones in the accident.

I am glad the storm is over, not much you can do it the rain.

Anonymous said...

What a sad situation with this horrific bus accident.Recently here in Texas we had 2 very bad accidents with many deaths(17) from one the other incident people were lucky, for some reason that bus driver got the bus off the inner-state to a safe area (feeder I do believe)without anything terriable happening.Now the state and government is looking into the regulations and inspections of these buses , for good reason, so maybe some thing shall be done to prevent any further accidents from happening.Possible the goverment in (Rep.of Dem.) and Santo Domingo should look into the same sorts of things like inspections, there brakes, and other thing to prevent loss of human life.Just my suggestion to whom ever is in charge from the goverments stand point of view. Thanks, JIM from Houston,Tx.