Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm Back. Again. I Think.

Hola MI gente. I am up and running.

It is amazing how powerful Hurricane Ike is. We have been getting rain from it for several days now. Not non-stop rain, but when it rains
, IT RAINS. The thunder was so loud this morning it woke me up. We are still getting rain from the outer bands, as it churns its way northwest. Unfortunately, as always, Haiti has seemed to be right in the path of several storms right after another. They are at a greater disadvantage because they have deforested almost 90% of their country.

Before you come down and invest your hard-earned money real estate, you should really do a lot of investigation about who
you are dealing with. Even Dominican baseball players have problems. Click here.

One of the most anticipated drug trials taking place in Federal Court in NYC, is being closely-watched in the Dominican Republic. A former military captain was caught with over a kilo of cocaine and finally extradited to the United States. Many here wonder if prominent names are going to be named. Click here.

And speaking of alleged criminals.
Many weeks ago, I wrote about an American coming here and renting an apartment. Living this -- what seemed at the time -- lavish lifestyle. Well, I have been contacted by several people, and I won't go into detail, but boy are they hot on his trail. Maybe he is hiding at his multi-million dollar estate in Cap Cana. Yeah, right.

Found a very interesting travel blog about the Dominican Republic, and if you like golf. Also, click here for the latest news from the north coast (D.R.) perspective.


Anonymous said...

That last guy with the ball cap is a 5 star hottie.

DC said...

HOT PICTURES!!! I love your blog

I added you to my blogroll at


CLOAKED said...

What DA hell is that on his trunks? (1st picture), A giant snail, or a leach? That ain't right!!!

Anonymous said...

He seems to be supporting a large stone with his hardon! Just imagine what something that strong can do to your ASS...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, good to see you blog once again.You sure have had your share of bad weather. At this monent they are predicting Hurricane Ike will come in over Galvenston , which will be a direct hit for us in Houston,Tx.since we are so close, if it should stay on this path, so were all praying for the best.Thanks for all the delicious eye candy, man where do u find them??? They are all very studly, sexy and hot.Makes me want to be back there real soon.Looks like the man in the first picture as a stone holding a rock, well something that is real hard and stiff that can carry a lot of weight...SMILE... How lucky the receiver.Take care. JIM from Houston, Tx.