Friday, September 12, 2008

Have a Nice Weekend

The sun is supposed to make an appearance today. THANK GOD! It has been a very rainy couple of weeks. Many small towns in the D.R. are trying to clean up and hoping that the water finally recedes. Many small towns in the mountains are still suffering.

 Dominican model Arlenis Sosa, pictured above is the new face of Lancome Cosmetics. Only 19 years old and modeling in the big leagues since April. This is such a big honor. No one can remember a model achieving this much success so rapidly. She has already surpassed the achievements of any model from the Dominican Repulbic. Congratulations, Arlenis.

 The beautiful baby at the right has made it to Boston to have a life-saving operation. He has a heart defect, and the operation couldn't be performed in the Dominican Republic. Keep little Frank Matos Lopez in your thoughts and prayers.

Until Soon, The Monaga Blogger


Anonymous said...

I wish Arlenis much success. she's certainly taking the industry by storm. GORGEOUS.
Also glad to know that baby Frank will get the surgery he so desperately needs.
Keep posting Anthony. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, This young model is just beautiful, you presented her to us a few weeks ago, Like I said before ,I wish her all the very best and send her many Blessings for the darlen baby Lopez, may he have a wonderful successful outcome from his heart surgery.By far he is in a excellent place for the upmost of health care with top-notch Physicians and surgeons.I shall keep him in my prayers has well
Were in for a direct hit from Hurricane IKE later today,(between 8 to 12 hours fromn now )in fact right now the waves and water surge in Galveston are better than 17 feet, so therefore many low line areas are already flooded, so keep us in your prayers has well.All of Galveston and the surrounding areas were evacuted yesterday, so it's been a hectic time for us here in Houston,Tx.but Hopeful we shall make out ok on the end. Thanks for your blog and posting, I look every day to see whats happening in Good Old Santo Domingo.JIM from Houston,Tx.