Monday, September 29, 2008


The Dominican Republic is not only know for the beauty of its people, but for its natural beauty. There are many places to visit that are covered in the guidebooks, but why not try some places off the beaten path. Thanks to Mike for the photos!
The most pristine beach in the D.R. is Bahía de Las Águilas (above).
Valdesia Dam, one of 34 in the country

Upper Nizao River

El Tablazo, near San Christobal

Playa Moron, in Samana

Hondo Valle (Deep Valley) is located in the northwest of the country.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, What breath taken photos of that beautiful country.Your so right not only it's caring loving people but also gorgeous areas to visit and see has well. Thanks for sharing.JIM From Houston, Tx.

diandra said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Not only are the men the look , so is the country...GET IN QUEENS!!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful places to visit. I hope one day to see them all instead of just hanging around the Colonial Zone and the occasional trip to Boca Chica!

Anonymous said...

I think on my next trip to the DR I'll need to hire a personal tour guide.

Paul said...

Bahia de Las Aguilas has been on my list for a long time. I have seen the pic you posted here before and then did a Google search for others. Last time I was in the DR I canceled the trip and went to Las Terenas because of the storm damage in the Southwest part of the island. Also I was concerned by the need to have a 4x4 or boat ride to get there. Still I want to go, I guess I just need to find someone who is up for the adventure also.

The Valdesia Dam and Nizao river both look very doable since they are pretty close to Bani.

How much are tickets to SDQ right now?

Paul Culver