Thursday, September 25, 2008


I ran across some interesting videos about everyday life in the Dominican Republic. This first video is about Las Guaguas Públicas. This is the easiest way to get around the city and country. Very cheap, and plentiful, but not for the faint of heart. You will be packed in like sardines.

This video is about the Chimichuri stands. They are stands that are all over the city and are used by those looking for something quick and cheap to it. Everyone knows of some place where someone is doing some kind of food by the side of the road.

This video is about another form of public transportation in the Dominican Republic, Los Motoconchos. They are much more popular in the countryside. But, there are neighborhoods in Santo Domingo where you get off the Guagua, and have to take a motoconcho because you still have some ways to go before you get home.

This video has to be my favorite. This video is about where you will find gyms in this country. In abandoned homes, fields next to the road, in a room in someone's home. I believe that people should be allowed to have gyms wherever they like. Just look at "Los tigres" in this video.


Special K said...

YO YO YO!!!! The dude hosting the show is hella phine and all the dudes working out in the last vid....OMG!!! I hope to see them in 2 weeks when im there!!!! how u DOIN?!?!?! LOL

Anonymous said...

So do I!! Do me and Special K a favor and post the address to that gym!! My future husband is at that gym.... AND I NEED TO MEET HIM

Anonymous said...

The tranport video was interesting if you have never been to Santo Domingo, however if your have it's just one more reminder how interesting a city it is and what flavor it has to offer to the visitors.The last vid, is a trip I would like to take to visit all those gyms and see the many hot studly men available, so delicious looking.Most interesting thanks for sharing.JIM From Houston