Monday, December 15, 2008

My Ideal Dominican Boyfriend

As I was perusing some of my favorite blogs I found out that my ideal Dominican man, Felix Sanchez, is dating Hollywood actress Regina Hall. She is best known for being in the Scary Movie franchise. You can see more pictures of them cavorting on the Young, Black & Fabulous blog. I was also shocked that she is 38 years old. I mean she plays a high school student in the movies. She really looks good, but then Felix looks spectacular. Good luck. I guess. LOL!


Paul said...

Can't believe how they are hating on Felix in the comments on Young, Black and Fabulous. Americans are so provincial. If it doesn't happen in their town then it must be weird.

Sujan Patricia said...

Why are his speedos shorter than hers?? But if she likes it, then I love it. Scary Movie star Regina Hall spotted on the beach in Hawaii with her speedo wearing man Felix Sanchez celebrating her birthday. He may be cute from the back but when her turn around. not going to hate on that woman. Congrats Regina.