Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

A new bar/club opened this past weekend. It is called Click (spelling?). I had been hearing rumblings about it last week, but none of the Dominicans that I know who are in-the-know new the particulars. It opened for a preview Thursday night, and had it's grand-opening on Friday. It is located on Calle Atarazana, which is the street right off Plaza Espana (restaurant row in the colonial zone.) I took this photo while walking around yesterday afternoon, but the banner was not there. As I get more information I will pass it along. Nightlife options are always a very welcome, so buena suerte!
Yesterday, I decided to go walking around the colonial zone to see what was going on. I'm so glad I did. It was the annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair in Paque Colon. I also wanted to go and find out where the new club was located. It was great day for walking around as the weather was beautiful and everyone was out and about with families and friends. The photo above is from a flea market that is open every Sunday, located right across the street from the Sofitel Hotel.
Next door is the Panteon de la Patria. Many of the countries famous citizens are buried there. Very beautiful building that is kept in pristine condition. Some interesting facts about the building are some gates that were donated to the former dictator, Trujillo, by Adolf Hitler. If you look closely at the gates you can see the swatiska design. I got these little tidbits by listening to one of the guides who was given a tour to some tourists. Photos above.
Then, it was off to Plaza Espana, where they have great restaurants and different activities every night. Many people out taking advantage of the beautiful day.
After leaving Plaza Espana, we headed over to the 8th annual Feria Artesanal de Navidad. A stage was setup for a really nice show, and people were out buying crafts for the Christmas holiday. Then it was on to some frozen yogurt, and then home.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

My weekend? BORING !!! wish I was there just to watch all the eye candy on the streets of Santo Domingo...that would be sufficient.

Anonymous said...

At the end you ask "How was your weekend?" Well mine was not as eventful as yours I see. I'm hating you Fuckers down in the DR right now. Beautiful Weather, Many Outdoor Activities, Hot Guys everywhere, Out Door Concerts, the Beach, Aqua Green Water. You got it going on Bro. But trust I'm coming down soon (Feb 09). I'm gonna make a reservation for the Camilo House. I've heard very good things about you Mr. Monaga. I hope to have as good of time as I think you're having on through this blog. Thanks for the Great Well Rounded Insight.

Martin Davila

Anonymous said...

I am surprized that you have never taken the tour of the Panteon. I first went in years ago because I thought the guys in uniform were cute. And again some time later because I heard english being spoken, and the guide was really cute. I was surprized to learn the facts that I did that day, and whenever I am in DR with a 'virgin' I always end up there for a day of cultural experience before I show them a night of... well, you know!