Monday, January 19, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

For many years, I had seen his photos all over the internet. And finally, I was able to meet him in person. In the Dominican Republic.

I was at JayDee's on Saturday night and in walked in a vision. I couldn't make out his face, but the body was amazing. As I investigated further I found out it was a guy whose face I had seen thousands of times. From his nude photo shoot in 1993 to seeing his likeness on countless online profiles. I made my way over immediately to see if I could get his likeness on my trusty Canon Digital Elph. He agreed and I commenced to taking some photos. He even showed up last night to the Whiskey Lounge.

Can you believe he is almost 40 (38!).

Note: I am having a tough time uploading to the blog. Will have the Photos from last night up soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, My he is a vison of beauty and his studly looks makes for the perfect package.Hi is just so handsome and sounds like from what u said,is alo a very nice man has well.Please do add more pictures of this man soon if not sooner..SMILE... Thanks for sharing.JIM from Houston, Tx.

Anonymous said...

wowza! The DR should put this guy to work as a one-man marketing campaign!

Sending you love and good vibes from DC where the nation's best is becoming a reality.


John K said...

It's Cody Cherokee, right? One of the icons of the 1990s! Great to see he looks so good still, and also great that you spoke with him and got his picture.

timon said...

it is indeed cody.

anthony, good thing you just had your check-up, cause not sure your heart was strong enoungh for that surprise encounter.

he is "wearing it well".

anthony, here in washington dc, we are all filled with hope. while i miss the warm weather, would not pass up being in d.c. thid week for anything.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know him well. Met him in Hollywood during the 90's, thank goodness he sounds nicer now then he was then.

Anonymous said...

Curio prob spent fourteen minutes with him, and from that he's making a negative comment in 2009. Sheesh.

Feel the love fellas.

Be kind. Rewind.

Antonello said...

Hi Anthony...i was in that wild party lol.i spoke with this lovely man..I really like a man down to earth and he is so nice..I love him!

Marco said...

He's even more attractive now! It's always nice to re-"meet" our masturbating fantasies from years past. Thanks!

Gordon said...

Beautiful! I just wish the pics were un-censored!

wtpotus said...

Oh My! Cody is still awesome!

A good day in the annals of the internet because you were there to snap a couple photos. Kudos!