Friday, January 23, 2009


Kartell, the smart, high-end international furniture store, now has an outpost in the Dominican Republic. They make and sell contemporary plastic furniture, and they have stores on every major continent, and now in the colonial zone section of Santo Domingo.
Next door is this new place, or maybe just new to me. Just some of the beauty found in the colonial zone.


Anonymous said...

Must say an interesting look but can u imagine people our size siting in those chairs???t I don't think so... smile.. but again, I am sure many young people are interested this new designs, and look, just not for me...thank you very much but again to each there own..thats what keep life interesting and not so boring, right??JIM

Nubian Dreams said...

Nice post. They should pay you for the ad.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the pessimist in the crowd, but I wonder how long they will remain open for business..That furniture would fit better in a Soho or Miami apartment than the Dominican Republic..In the Caribbean I can see more of a rattan /Bamboo tropical look..Good Luck

Anonymous said...

wish 'em luck.
full of pluck.

how you doing AM?

hope well.