Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Latest (part 2)

Just came back from the doctor's office, and I am extremely pleased. I have not had a complete checkup in a couple of years. Turning 44 made me think I needed to get a prostate exam. I got a recommendation from someone about a doctor at the Clinica Abreu. The doctor was absolutely great and he spoke English, which made me much more comfortable to ask questions. I got more tests than I ever remember getting in the States. The unfortunate thing about going to the doctor here is that most offices don't have the equipment to take x-rays, blood, etc. You have to go to different places to get whatever tests are required. Again, if you fall ill while visiting Santo Domingo, you want to go to the Clinica Abreu.

As I talk with and chat with friends all I get is how cold it is in the norther part of the States. Well, it is just lovely and beautiful here.

I have also been cleaning up and going through all these CD's I have lying about. A couple of years ago I had a computer hard-drive crash. I thought many photos and things were gone for good. But I was able to find some CD's with some pictures I thought wer lost, like some really old photos from one of my model favorites, Roberto.

And don't forget, for those visiting this weekend, LeeStudiosNYC is having a function at the Whiskey Lounge.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anthany, that vedio of the beaches over there, makes me want to be there so bad.I can not wait to visit there again,so much to see, do, plus all the hot sexy eye candy available.Thanks for sharing.Roberto looks just too delicious and studly, like to meet him for dam sure..Hope you have receive all the results from your test you had done and the news was super A-OK..JIm From Houston,Tx.