Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A young transsexual was killed last week. The community got together to protest and to say enough is enough with the hate. Bravo to them!


Anonymous said...

This is great to hear,that the community is finally taking the bull by the horns and speaking up, long over due.They have all my support,may something good come from there up/rise. At least more people will be aware of this sad situation and what is happening to good people along with the killings.Just remember every one who is killed for what ever reason does have either family or love ones who care, so keep up your protest.Jim from Houston,Tx.

Nubian Dreams said...

Here we go again. IN 2009 we are still worrying about the same things before Stonewall. God help us.

Nena Nuyorican said...

The Ts/Tg community has to be cautious about their presentation when protesting.....if they carry themselves in an unprofessional, slutty, whorish, and "working girl" manner they will be continue to be regarded as "locas" and they will never get anything accomplished not to mention "respect"!

timon said...

i was at the protest along avenida san vincente de paul with deacon wilkin lara and members of icm santo domingo. there were about 100 people at the protest, despite some constant rain showers. the protesters had signs and flyers and were extremely professional in their protest and communications with the passing motorists and pedestrians. many cars stopped to pick up information flyers. three news stations were filming and did a very fair job of presenting the issues.

a community that honors diversity has to respect it in all forms. i was proud to be able to particiapte in this event, and was equally proud of transsa and the manner in which they organized the event.

we need to honor our divirsity in ALL its forms, and make sure that folks are able to proclaim their own self-identity without the risk of bashing or, sadly, murder.

Nena Nuyorican said...

Good to hear, glad it was all that and some!
I to applaud then applaud them!