Monday, July 06, 2009

Gay Pride 2009?

As first reported on Blabbeando, there was to be a gay pride celebration in Parque Duarte in the colonial zone section of Santo Domingo (last weekend), but it was thwarted by the police. There was no march down El Conde this year. I understand that permits were not granted for any marches, or for celebrations in Parque Duarte. The police showed up and tried to use intimidation to get everyone to disperse. But, most people stayed. Even after they pulled out cameras to take photos of the revelers, and turned on spotlights, and other measures to make people leave. There was even a "symbolic wedding" in the park. I think that really set off some people (wedding invitation at bottom).

Parque Duarte is the gathering place for gays in Santo Domingo, particularly young gays. In fact, most gays from around the country know that this is the place to come to meet other gays. The park is named after one of the founders of the country, Juan Pablo Duarte. Also, there is a church, and an order of nuns across the street. And people have started to complain about the "delinquents" who gather in the park. Many years ago the gay gathering spot was over near Plaza Espana. Many of the businesses there didn't like it one bit. They put enormous pressure on the authorities to do something about it. And gays no longer gather in that area in large numbers. I believe the same campaign is being started now with regards to Parque Duarte. Could it be that the same campaign is being tried again?

At least there was a big gay pride party @ CHA:

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