Monday, August 03, 2009

Bodybuilder in Santiago

Having computer problems. This is a competitor from Puerto Rico, who was at the bodybuilding competition yesterday. And another competitor from Haiti. Hope to have some more photos up later.


Anonymous said...

You know what, after reading your posts about body building in DR, i think I'm gonna star following tthese events, they're really eye candy. I'm curious The stadium seems to be empty, what type of people went to the event, locals? gay? could you please provide more details about the enviroment. any GOOD backstage pic?

Anonymous said...

What did you discover in Santiago, if anything? I am curious to read your oobservations and experiences. You always seem to get it right.
Santiago is charming but the Gay scene is not palpable. For some reason Santiago does not seem to be able to keep a club open.
Thanks so much for your Blog.


Anonymous said...

Hola Anthony , Where are the pictures you said you would post, have been waiting for two days, come on now, were all so anxious to see these hunks,so what's the problem??? thanks ..keep up the good work.